Woman gives birth to baby at Metallica concert: ‘I’ve outdone myself this time’


by Ulrich Vonstein

Luan Figueiró’s first gesture he makes with his cute baby fingers would have to be a pinky and index finger held up, thumb over the other two. The so-called “heavy metal sign”. Because Luan saw the light of day under extremely unusual circumstances: at a Metallica concert in Curitiba, Brazil. Ironically, during the cult song “Enter Sandman”, in which the band sings about a child and its fear of falling asleep. His mother, Joice M. Figueiró, commented dryly: “Every concert I go to, something has to happen. But this time I outdid myself.”

Mother Joice was 39 weeks pregnant

Metallica concert in Curitiba, Brazil: Lars Ullrich, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett (from left). Not pictured: Robert Trujillo

© IMAGO/Fotoarena, IMAGO/Reinaldo Reginato, www.imago-images.de

The event, memorable for the parents, little Luan and the world-famous band, happened last Saturday in Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná in southern Brazil. Joice wasn’t expecting the birth of her son at 39 weeks, at least not at the concert. According to the Washington Post, she felt completely normal while the opening acts were playing.

When Metallica rocked the stadium, however, she suddenly felt contractions and immediately reported to paramedics. They wanted to take the young woman to the stadium’s ambulance, but on the way there the water broke – Luan apparently wanted to follow as much as possible of the first metal concert of his life live.

“I never dreamed that something like this could happen”

  CURITIBA, PR - 05.07.2022: METALLICA CURITIBA - during the Metallica Band Show for the World Wired tour in Brazil at the Major Antnio Couto Pereira Stadium in Curitiba, PR.  x2203179x PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxBRA ReinaldoxReginato

Looks wilder than it is: The heavily pregnant Joice was in a secured area without crowds during the concert.

© IMAGO/Fotoarena, IMAGO/Reinaldo Reginato, www.imago-images.de

Joice later shared on social media that she was fine. She bought the ticket for the concert three years ago and “never dreamed that something like this could happen.” Before that, Joice made sure that going to the concert did not pose a health risk. She and her husband Jaime were sitting in a secured area of ​​the stadium, there was no danger, she said, according to the newspaper report.

She has only vague memories of the birth itself. A drunk man was still lying in the ambulance, the paramedics could not have brought him out. “So they just turned him over and helped me give birth,” the tattoo artist told the newspaper. At the moment Luan was born, Metallica were playing “Enter Sandman”, one of their biggest hits.

Metallica legend James Hetfield congratulates personally

Phone call

Mother Joice (right) exults when James Hetfield calls.

The mother and child were then taken to the hospital where Luan should have been born for follow-up care. The mother proudly posted a photo, shared by Metallica herself, that made Luan a celebrity on social media around the world.

Also, James Hetfield, the band’s lead singer, guitarist and co-founder, insisted on calling Joice. She was visibly touched by the metal legend’s congratulations and his wishes for Luan.

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