With the Fritzbox in your Smart Home: All compatible devices

Surely you know it as a WLAN router. But did you know that you can set up a smart home very easily with the Fritzbox? Here you will find a list of devices that are compatible with the Fritzbox from AVM and expand your intelligent home. The big advantage: You don’t need an additional hub to network the devices.

Your smart home is set up in minutes, without a complicated WiFi key or additional app. Sounds almost too good to be true? It actually exists – for everyone who uses an AVM Fritzbox. Assuming it’s one of the latest models:

  • Fritzbox 7590
  • Fritzbox 7590 AX
  • Fritzbox 7530
  • Fritzbox 7510
  • Fritzbox 6690 Cable
  • Fritzbox 5530 Fiber

In addition, at least Fritz OS 7.0 is required as firmware.

If you want to use your Fritzbox as a smart home center, you should buy it in an electronics store. Because a rental device from your telecommunications provider may have limited functionality and therefore cannot be used in the smart home. The software for rental devices may not be up to date either. However, this is essential so that you can use AVM Fritz DECT to set up your smart home.

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Smart Home with the Fritzbox: What is AVM Fritz DECT?

You are probably familiar with DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) from cordless landline telephones. The radio standard uses the frequency range around 1.9 gigahertz to connect the handset to the base station. Fritz boxes with AVM Fritz DECT can therefore serve as base stations for compatible cordless telephones.

Using the DECT ULE (DECT Ultra Low Energy) standard, such Fritz boxes are also able to control compatible smart home devices. Practical: In addition to the AVM Fritzbox, you do not need any other hub. And thanks to the so-called Han-Fun extension (Home Area Network Functional Protocol), smart home devices from different manufacturers also work together in the Fritzbox network.

List of compatible AVM devices for your Fritzbox Smart Home

AVM now offers a whole range of smart home devices with the DECT ULE/Han Fun radio standard:

  • The intelligent sockets FritzDECT 200 and FritzDECT 210 for indoor and outdoor use can evaluate the energy consumption of connected devices.
  • The radiator thermostat FritzDECT301/302 has an energy-saving e-paper display for the room temperature.
  • The AVM basic switch FritzDECT 400 is the entry-level model for controlling compatible lamps. You can use it to switch a smart light bulb on and off, but not change the color.
  • The AVM button FritzDECT 440 has four switches and an e-paper display. It shows room temperature and humidity, for example.
  • The LED lamp FritzDECT 500 offers white and colored light. It can be continuously dimmed via the Fritz app.

Fritzbox: Compatible smart home devices from other manufacturers

You can integrate a wide range of devices from other providers into your Fritzbox Smart Home. The offer ranges from sockets and radiator thermostats to intelligent lights and lamps.

The following Telekom Smart Home devices work with AVM Fritz DECT:

  • SmartHome LED lamp E27 (colored or white)
  • SmartHome adapter plug (for indoor or outdoor use)
  • SmartHome wall button
  • SmartHome door/window contacts (optical or magnetic)
  • SmartHome motion detector

List of other third-party Fritzbox-compatible products:

  • Türsprechanlage DoorLine Slim DECT von Telegärtner
  • Roller shutter drive BoxCTRL from Becker
  • Roller shutter belt winder RolloTron DECT from Rademacher

In principle, you can integrate all smart home devices with DECT ULE support into your AVM network. For example, Gigaset offers a large selection. However, the range of functions may be limited. You should therefore use the manufacturer’s compatibility list as a guide.

You can of course continue to use any other smart home devices via your Fritzbox WLAN. But without DECT-ULE support, they will not become part of your AVM network. That means you have to control them in a separate app and you may need a separate hub as well.

What advantages does DECT ULE/Han Fun have over other smart home standards?

AVM FRITZ!Box 7490

DECT scores with strong encryption.

Image: © AVM GmbH 2019

Compared to other smart home standards such as ZigBee or Z-Wave, AVM Fritz DECT ULE/Han Fun is easy to set up. Because a push on the DECT button of the AVM Fritzbox is enough. In addition, your DECT network is secured by strong encryption.

Outdoors, a DECT ULE network can reach a range of up to 300 meters. Indoors it is usually 30 to 50 meters. A DECT ULE network is stable even in densely built-up areas. Because there is far less activity on the frequency band used than on 2.4 gigahertz – the frequency band of most WiFi networks.

With the FritzDECT Repeater 100 you can further improve the range of your network. The device builds a WiFi mesh. You can think of it like a wireless fishing net that ensures that all your devices stay connected to each other.

How do you control your AVM Smart Home?

The Fritz app “Smart Home” (for iOS and Android) or the “Home Connect Plus” app (for iOS and Android) monitors your networked home from your mobile device. For example, you can use it to switch intelligent sockets on and off and much more.

Alternatively, you can also control your AVM Smart Home with:

  • compatible buttons
  • via the browser menu of your Fritzbox
  • a current FritzPhone landline telephone

You also have the option of using voice assistants to control your Fritzbox Smart Home. For example, there are skills for Amazon Alexa and an action for the Google Assistant. Only Apple’s Siri is currently not compatible with AVM’s Smart Home.

TL;DR: Which smart home devices are compatible with the Fritzbox?

An AVM Fritzbox is a good basis for your smart home. The list of compatible devices is long and includes buttons, smart sockets, radiator thermostats, window sensors and much more. The Fritzbox connects these devices via the secure radio protocol DECT ULE. For best results, you should choose compatible smart home devices from the AVM list in this text.

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