Why I’ll Always Love Dirty Dancing


by Katharina Meyer

Probably all of us have that one movie that we’ve seen more than any other. The one you look at when you’re sick, heartbroken, just want to escape from everyday life on a rainy day cuddled up in a thick blanket. In short, whenever you need a film that you know will make you feel better after watching it. This movie is “Dirty Dancing” for me.

How many times have I watched “Dirty Dancing”? Sorry I didn’t count!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen Frances “Baby” Houseman take her conservative parents and superficial sister Lisa to the Catskills resort for the summer at Kellerman’s and have their (secret – so hot !) dancing meets her great love Johnny. It’s certainly more than 30 times – and the trend is definitely rising. This year the cult dance film will be 35 years old and even if (again) a remake is plannedthere will never be a more perfect film for me to watch when I’m feeling down.

Even as a child I danced to “Hungry Eyes” and “Hey Baby”

The lifting figure was practiced at every visit to the outdoor pool.

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“It was the summer of ’63. Everyone called me ‘Baby’. I kind of liked that. It was before President Kennedy was assassinated, before the Beatles existed and when I couldn’t wait to be part of the peace movement. That was the summer in I thought I’d never find a boy as great as my dad.” I can speak to the opening dialogue, with which we get to know Jennifer Gray as a smart and strong-willed, but also somewhat inconspicuous young girl. Just like pretty much the whole movie.

While my older sister still had to beg our parents to be allowed to watch “Dirty Dancing” in the cinema in 1987, i.e. to go to a “dirty dance film” with FSK twelve at the age of eleven, I then – thanks to my big sister – with “Dirty Dancing ” grew up. I was far too young to grasp the serious issues of sex, pregnancy, abortion, and the way rich patrons looked down on working Kellerman’s employees. But the music, the dances, the beautiful atmosphere of the film inspired me even then. I wanted to repeat the dances with friends of the same age or with my sister, the lifting figure in the water was practiced in the outdoor pool and at the latest when I got my hands on the soundtrack CDs, the music of the 60s resounded from my children’s room. And again and again in the years to come.

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“Dirty Dancing” was a surprise hit

dance scenes

How it started vs. How it’s going

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The film shows a first love where not everything is great at first glance. During the first encounter with Johnny, Baby is awkward (“I Carried a Watermelon”) and intimidated. At first, Johnny prefers to keep his distance from the sheltered daughters of wealthy vacationers and doesn’t take Baby’s suggestion that he replace Penny in a dance performance seriously. But with every dance training, the two become more familiar with each other, the initial bitching becomes more. I can only speak for myself, but I am sure that by the time Baby visits Johnny in his cabin and the two of them dance to “Cry to me” while slowly undressing, the whole world was in love with Patrick Swayze. Well, in Jennifer Gray too.

Because while the low-budget film was only supposed to run in cinemas for a week and then be released straight to video, we all know by now that the film became a surprise hit, which made Patrick Swayze a star and made sure that songs like ” (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” still blares regularly from loudspeakers to this day. Fun Fact: My first kiss was with a guy who had previously danced to this song with me. With that he had a stone in the board.

From me as a perennial fan, Happy Birthday to “Dirty Dancing”, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 12, 1987 and is still an integral part of any regular film collection. Maybe this time I’ll watch my feel-good guarantee film while partying and with a glass of champagne in my hand – for the thirtieth time. And before that I carry a watermelon home from the supermarket…

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