Who kicked Allegri, the mystery of the Italian Cup: “I don’t know who he was”

The final of Juve-Inter was marked by the furious reaction of the coach, Massimiliano Allegri. The Olympic night was one of the worst he could have experienced. Someone from the Nerazzurri bench even gave him a kick.

The anger of Massimiliano Allegri: in addition to the defeat in the final of the Italian Cup, he also received the expulsion and the mockery of a football that someone from the Inter bench gave him.

It is as if they had played the soldier’s slap with Massimiliano Allegri. When he turned around he couldn’t figure out who was the culprit among those grim faces that surrounded him. Who was among the Inter fans on the bench to give him the kick that the coach himself denounced on TV? Who took advantage of the brawl and succumbed to the temptation to give the Juventus coach a stomp? Who was it to do justice to himself, without too many compliments, in the old way (even if a bit treacherous) to silence the opponent? Who took off the whim? Who, taken by adrenaline and with blood in his head, did not realize that he took a big risk? Is it possible that no one has noticed what happened? Is it possible there isn’t at least a portion of the video that helps to reconstruct the scene and find the author of the gesture?

Nothing. At least for now there is not even an amateur clip, a short sequence of images taken with a smartphone that can show the moment in which the technician received the kick. Teased and mocked or “cuckold and mazziato” they would say in Naples. Out of the field red red for anger and for the color of the card that the referee Valeri waved under his nose (while Brozovic was pardoned).

Allegri furibondo, is held by Federico Bernardeschi on the sidelines.  Already booked, he will be sent off in extra time.

Allegri furibondo, is held by Federico Bernardeschi on the sidelines. Already booked, he will be sent off in extra time.

The evening of the Olimpico and the Italian Cup final lost with two penalties, one of which in extra time, and accompanied by a load of controversy for the management and evaluation of the episodes between Var and campo (from which Juve feels damaged), was one of the worst that Allegri could experience. Everything happened to him. Even to see Dybala’s amused face … when he changed it he almost shouted at him “what are you laughing at?”

That expression buzzes in his ears and head, zero titles (in Turin it did not happen since the unfortunate year of Luigi Delneri), which is a torment. Recalled to put some order in a Juventus in disarray after Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo, he finds himself in a tight Champions League qualification and a handful of regrets.

Indeed, he managed to do even worse than his predecessor that something had brought him home. And even among his people, in that black and white people who had welcomed his return as manna from heaven, there were those who twisted their faces to those changes of fear carried out when about half an hour was missing at the end of the meeting. Substitutions whereby he has given space and initiative (it is the main objection) to an opponent who has slipped like water into the cracks and caused the dam to collapse.

The nervousness of the Juventus coach in the final of the Coppa Italia match against Inter.

The nervousness of the Juventus coach in the final of the Coppa Italia match against Inter.

Furious and dark in the face. Thus Allegri appeared for a good part of the match. He was when he came face to face with Farris, Inzaghi’s deputy. It happened to him a couple of times, in the second one he also crossed paths with Lautaro Martinez. And it was then that he went way beyond his technical area, overflowing towards the Nerazzurri bench. Moments of tension occurred first for the penalty assigned to Inter in the second half and after for the exultation of the opponents in extra time. The applause of the rivals to the referee it must have been like forcing down a teaspoon of castor oil.

The technician explained his version of events: “An Inter Milan goal passed over the Inter goal, I don’t know who he was … he is gave me a kick – the words in the press conference -. I turned around and got a little angry. I think it is also human and normal. After sorry, the referee rightly kicked me out because he saw me angry. But what matters is that Inter won and we lost. “

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