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What is growth marketing?

Companies are adopting tailor-made strategies to survive, stand out and increase their turnover. Marketing is clearly something to work on.

Growth marketing is a powerful tool to boost performance and grow your business. It allows in particular to have new customers and to increase its sales. Discover growth marketing and its specificities!

Growth marketing: definition!

Growth marketing is also called growth marketing. It is a strategy that is based on the use of different tests to determine the best way to optimize the results of your business.

To achieve its objectives, growth marketing uses various tools such as natural referencing, A/B testing, value-added content, advertising campaigns, etc. Essentially, according to the Swiss growth marketing agency Adsets, this strategy consists of:

  • determine areas to test and optimize;
  • establish hypotheses;
  • test these hypotheses through experiments;
  • analyze the results and draw conclusions.

Growth marketing inevitably allows a company to achieve sustainable growth.

The pillars of growth marketing

Growth marketing is a set of strategies based on four pillars: attract, convert, sell and retain. Above all, it requires good communication to reach as many prospects as possible. Thanks to the creation of quality content and the use of SEO or SEA techniques, the prospects affected feel their need for the products or services offered by the company.

At this stage, it is easier to convert prospects. Growth marketing makes it possible to do both b2b and b2c. So, whether you have individuals or companies as clients, you can adopt growth marketing and reap real benefits. Finally, this marketing strategy works to build customer loyalty.

Growth marketing and growth hacking

Growth marketing and hacking marketing have a lot in common. However, there are also elements that set them apart. Both strategies employ a common matrix abbreviated as AARRR: Acquisition, Action, Retention, Recommendation and Income.


This first step in the matrix is ​​to attract new leads. Good visibility is therefore essential for the company.


The action makes it possible to bring the affected target and the visitors to make a purchase. Different techniques are applied for this. These include the provision of white papers, the proposal of demos, subscription to newsletters, etc.


After acquiring new prospects, it is essential to convert and retain them. Marketing automation and content marketing are the main options for retaining prospects.


Recommendation is a key step in growth marketing and hacking marketing. It consists in making its customers ambassadors of its company. In practice, they are encouraged to talk about the company’s products and services.


Revenue is the ultimate step in any growth marketing approach. Here, each user and each customer is an added value for the company.

Primarily, growth marketing differs from brand hacking marketing. The former cares more about the brand than the latter.

Thus, growth marketing is based on the technical skills of the product to promote sustainable growth. On the other hand, hacking marketing relies solely on customers. It achieves rapid, but often short-lived growth.

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