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What are the most searched keywords on Google?

To stick as closely as possible to the search intentions of your target audience, you must focus your natural referencing strategy on the most searched keywords on search engines.

  • How to find the most relevant keywords? What are the most searched keywords on Google?
  • Here are three free tools that will allow you to identify the best keywords for your SEO !
  • What is a relevant keyword?

You could skim through the top 10 most searched keywords and not find a single keyword that performs well for your SEO. Quite simply, because an effective keyword or key phrase for the SEO of a website will not necessarily be so for you.

But then, what qualifies a good keyword?

Its relevance: it must be related to your sector of activity.
Its potential: to bring you qualified traffic, it is necessary above all that its search volume is substantial.
Its level of competition: if it is too competitive, you may have more difficulty positioning your website on the first page of search results.
Its length: the search habits of Internet users are changing, especially since the rise of voice search and today a request is made up of more than three words. So a good keyword is a long tail keyword like the one in the article: “most searched keywords”.
Now that you know how to determine the potential of a keyword, all you have to do is find the right keywords for your SEO!

Google Trends to surf the trends

Google Trends is a great tool to find all trending keywords and topics , but also to compare search volumes between multiple keywords and gauge their popularity.

When you are on the home page of the site, fill in your theme or your main keyword in the search bar.

Then select the target country or region and the period over which you want to do your assessment. A graph will then be displayed representing the evolution of interest in your keyword over the given period.

The curve will thus allow you to determine if your keyword is buoyant, but also when it is interesting to write blog articles on this theme.

You can also compare several search terms to find the best performing keyword over the period and define your content strategy based on the results obtained.

Below the graph, two other sections “Related Topics” and “Related Queries” will provide you with important information to find new topic ideas for your content creation.

Google Keyword Planner to identify the most searched keywords

Google Keyword Planner is a planning tool for creating Google Ads advertising campaigns, but it is also very useful for your organic SEO!

In the “Find new keywords” tab, enter the keyword(s) related to your activity, then click on “Get results”.

A Keyword Plan will then be displayed where you will find keyword suggestions with several columns including the average number of monthly searches, the competition (between advertisers) of the key phrases and the Cost Per Click (CPC) bids ).

Only the columns with the keywords and the number of monthly searches are important for your natural referencing, the other indicators only concern paid campaigns.

This keyword generator is a veritable mine of information for your next essays and the search volume is an important data, because it gives you an idea of ​​the popularity of a keyword, even if the calculation here is done on paid ads.

Good to know: the higher the search volume, the more competition you will have with larger sites. It is sometimes better to position yourself on an average search volume, less competitive, but which will attract more qualified traffic!

Google Search Console to validate your choices

The Google Search Console will not only help you in your search for keywords , but it will also analyze if the ones you have already integrated into your web page content are effective.

Once in your Google account, click on “Performance”. Define the period on which you want to perform the analysis and consult the “Queries” tab.

Queries correspond to the keywords searched by Internet users who direct to your site. For each keyword used, the tool provides you with the number of clicks on Google to arrive on one of the pages of your site and the number of impressions which corresponds to the number of times your site has appeared in the search results. Google following the query.

All of this data gives you valuable information about your site and the search intent of your audience. If the impressions are much higher than your click-through rate, it would be interesting to know why your content received few clicks. As for the keywords and expressions that you have not used yet, they are perfect for creating new content!

Top 10 most searched keywords on Google

Every year, Google Trends publishes its list of most searched keywords . The tool distributes these different keywords by category.

Here are some categories for the year 2021 and their top 10 keywords for France, you may find relevant keywords there for your own SEO strategy!

Trend category of the year

  • 1: Euro 2021
  • 2: Curfew certificate
  • 3: League 1
  • 4: Roland-Garros
  • 5: Quick my dose
  • 6: Sanitary pass
  • 7: France Switzerland
  • 8: Containment
  • 9: France-Portugal
  • 10: Covid

Category information and news

  • 1: Afghanistan
  • 2: Bitcoin
  • 3: Charcot’s disease
  • 4: Stormy Yellow Vigilance
  • 5: Delphine Jubillar
  • 6: Cyclades
  • 7: Macron speech
  • 8: Palestine
  • 9: Regional elections
  • 10: Var fire

Revenue category

  • 1: Galette des Rois by Cyril Lignac
  • 2: wild garlic
  • 3: Mochi
  • 4: Beef Bourguignon
  • 5: Tarte tatin
  • 6: Easy pancake batter
  • 7: Mussels
  • 8: Shepherd’s pie
  • 9: Chewy Cookies
  • 10: Soft yogurt cake

Category of “why?” »

  • 1: Why were chainsaws invented?
  • 2: Why is the sky yellow?
  • 3: Why is Rudiger wearing a mask?
  • 4: Why WhatsApp is not working?
  • 5: Why were cereals created?
  • 6: Why do the stars twinkle?
  • 7: Why does the rooster crow in the morning?
  • 8: Anti-2010 why?
  • 9: Why is the sky blue?
  • 10: Why does Roblox bug?

Category “All questions asked”

  • 1: How to get the health pass?
  • 2: Why were chainsaws invented?
  • 3: When does Macron speak?
  • 4: Contact case what to do?
  • 5: How to calculate your BMI?
  • 6: How to delete an Instagram account?
  • 7: What is the health pass?
  • 8: Curfew until when?
  • 9: What did Jean-Paul Belmondo die of?
  • 10: Confinement from when?

Top 5 current trends

To end on a more current note, here are the top 5 real-time searches (end of March 2022):

  • 1: Fred Fugen – La Clusaz – Skiing
  • 2: Australia — Japan — World Cup
  • 3: Omega Speedmaster—Swatch Group
  • 4: North Korea — Japan — Missile
  • 5: Tinténiac — 2025 – 2022

Our tip for finding relevant keywords

Finding the most searched keywords on the search engine is one thing, but remember that searches are constantly changing. Regularly check the relevance of your choice of keywords!

Remember that if good, relevant and interesting keywords are essential, quality content is just as important! The professional writers present on our web writing platform are at your disposal to create effective content! Think about it!

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