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Antonino Pizzolato confirms himself as an exceptional agonist and rises to the throne of Europe for the third consecutive time! After the golds of Batumi 2019 and Moscow 2021 in -81 kg, the Sicilian weightlifter hits the continental trio in Tirana but this time in a new category. The Tokyo Olympic bronze made its international debut today in the -89 kg, demolishing the Bulgarian baby phenomenon Karlos Nasar and signing the best world performance ever with 392 kg total.

Pizzolato enters the race with an error of 170 kg, a measure which he then manages to lift quite easily on the second attempt. The Sicilian, overtaken in the meantime in the standings by three other athletes, returns to the platform with 175 kg on the barbell for his third test and completes a wonderful lift. Subsequently, no one is able to do better than the blue, who thus wins thespecialty gold in the tear ahead of the Armenian Andranik Karapetyan (silver with 174 kg) and the Bulgarian Nasar (bronze with 171). 8th the second blue in the race, the 2001 class Cristiano Ficcowith a valid test at 160 kg and two nulls at 168.

In the momentum Nino is the last to make the first attempt, brilliantly lifting 210 kg and effectively mortgaging the absolute continental title. Nasar, however, does not give up and scores a second masterful lift of 211 kg, shortening the distances, but the standard bearer of the CS Army responds promptly and jumps back to the lead in the momentum with 212 kg. The Bulgarian talent goes all-in with 217 kg on the barbell at the last test to try to overtake in the overall standings, without success.

Already certain of the triple gold, Pizzolato closes with a flourish by lifting the same measure failed by his rival and obtaining in one fell swoop the world record for momentum (217) and total (392). Specialty silver for Nasar with 211 kg, bronze for a fantastic Ficco (206) who then missed the last test (from 210 kg) the chance to also get on the absolute podium in place of Georgian Revaz Davitadze (third at 369 kg ), however contenting himself with a remarkable fourth place with 366 kg overall.


Photo: FIPE

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