VW offers ID. Buzz to start from 64,581.30 euros, panel van version from 54,430.60 euros

In March, VW introduced the new Stromer series ID. Buzz featured that at the beginning as a minibus and closed transporter is offered. Deliveries in Europe are scheduled to start in September 2022, and advance sales are scheduled to start in the first countries as early as May. What the ID. Buzz has not yet been announced by VW – the price for Germany is now known anyway.

As with the other e-models in the range, the Wolfsburg-based company is also participating with the ID. Buzz at the German electric car purchase premium “environmental bonus”. One of the prerequisites for the subsidy, which is financed two-thirds by the federal government and one-third by the participating manufacturers, is the inclusion of a model in the “List of Eligible Electric Vehicles” from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). In the latest version of the document, which has been available for a few days, the ID. Finding Buzz – and with it its price.

The net list price of a model is decisive for the environmental bonus processed by BAFA. In the passenger car version of the ID. Buzz, this is given as 54,270 euros in the list of eligible electric vehicles, so it costs from 64,581.30 euros gross. For the panel van ID. Buzz Cargo is 45,740 euros net and 54,430.60 euros gross. As announced by VW, both vehicles will have a 150 kW/204 hp electric motor from the start. With the installed 82 kWh battery, 500 kilometers should be possible according to the WLTP standard.

The ID Buzz is also offered as a van

The funding for electric cars like the ID. Buzz at a net list price of 40,000 to 65,000 euros totals 7,500 euros. VW grants the manufacturer’s share of 2500 euros upon purchase, the state transfers 5000 euros after approval. However, the latter only applies this year, as the environmental bonus is expected to be lower from 2023. Who the ID. Buzz no longer receives and can admit 2022, so gets less subsidy. According to reports, the federal share is planned for 2023 only 4000 euros amount, but this is not official yet.

The initially exclusively available drive variant is to be followed by others, in particular an all-wheel drive option and a smaller battery are expected. Another body version in addition to the 4.71 meter long model is also planned. A camping variant of the California model family is also to follow by the middle of the decade. The ID Buzz also serves as a base for a self-driving prototype. Later, a version specially designed for autonomous driving will be officially introduced. In addition, VW is rethinking a pickup variant to.

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