Volleyball, Women’s A1 Series: Conegliano is still queen of Italy, Monza falls in the final

Venete unbeatable, the fourth consecutive Scudetto is theirs: Vero Volley surrenders 3-2 at home in Game 4

Conegliano confirms itself as the undisputed queen of women’s volleyball Italian. The Imoco surpasses Monza in the Serie A1 championship final and wins the fourth consecutive tricolor titlethe 3-2 victory in game 4 at Vero Volley was decisive: 25-20, 23-25, 25-21, 21-25, 15-8 the partials that allow the girls from Santarelli to write another page of history of our volleyball, drag on from Paola Egonu. Brianzole with his head held high.

The Imoco Volley is increasingly the absolute dominatrix of the A1 Women’s Series: Conegliano in fact he wins the fourth consecutive Scudetto thanks to the victory in race 4 on Monza, 3-1 the total score and 3-2 the today’s score (25-20, 23-25, 25-21, 21-25, 15-8 the partial). Historic success for coach Santarelli’s girls, Vero Volley still comes out with their heads held high. Conegliano starts very strong and immediately imposes his own pace with Paola Egonu inspired (37 points at the end of the match for her). After the balance up to 13 all the Venetians run away and close without difficulty. The second set lives on the long wave of the first, Imoco is on the wings of enthusiasm while Vero Volley feels the pressure and the psychological backlash. The partial seems to slip away in the blink of an eye with Conegliano signing a tremendous +8, but just when the conquest of the set seems one step away, Monza reacts with the heart and shortens with an incredible comeback from 21-13 to 21- 21. It becomes an unexpected point-to-point fight, the sensational overtaking from Brianza arrives and the set score is 1-1. A miracle for Orro and companions, excellent Larson and Van Hecke (respectively 16 and 15 points each at the end of the match) and in the third set the battle continues with the home crowd on fire. The girls of Santarelli they run away once again, but this time they don’t tremble and keep their nose up front until 2-1. Monza never gives up, the fans play the charge and in the fourth set the Vero Volley remains attached to the game with the heart. Absolute balance when you get close to the final points, Gaspari’s team slips a 5-0 run right at the decisive moment and it goes to the tie break. Tension to the stars and a fiery climate, the game becomes a battle of head and nerves, but Monza melts on the most beautiful and Conegliano there is no shortage of scudetto poker.

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