Virtual Easter egg hunt & more: The 8 best apps for Easter

It can be searched again! Easter is just around the corner and attracts with two public holidays. If you are still looking for something fun to do, tips for the Easter nest, the holiday roast, the Easter lamb or Easter greetings for friends and relatives, you have come to the right place. We have put together eight useful apps for Easter.

For some, Easter is the highest festival in the church year, others enjoy the customs around it – painting, hiding and looking for Easter eggs, baking Easter lambs, attending the Easter bonfire or having a delicious brunch with the family. Either way, there are two public holidays in Germany every year when most people are off. So that there is no boredom and everything about Easter works as planned, we have selected eight suitable apps – for both iOS and Android.

When is Easter actually this year?

It’s easier with Christmas. Christmas Eve, First and Second Holidays fall on December 24th, 25th and 26th each year. Unfortunately, Easter is different. Easter Sunday has been celebrated since the year 325 on the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring – so the festival always falls between March 22nd and April 25th. Is that too complicated for you? Then just ask an app! For example public holidays and school vacations, which are available for iOS and Android.

Boil eggs to perfection

the perfect egg timer

The perfect egg timer is not only practical at Easter.

If you want to paint Easter eggs for the Easter nest, you either have to blow out the eggs or boil them hard so that they keep for a long time. To be on the safe side, you can also use an app. The perfect egg timer is available for iOS and Android and helps to achieve the perfect degree of hardness. To do this, the application takes many different parameters into account, such as the starting temperature of the egg and water and the current height above sea level. With this you should not only get hard eggs for the Easter basket, but also soft eggs for the Easter brunch.

  • Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Preis: 0.99 euros in the App Store, 1.59 euros on Google Play

Feed the chickens & paint Easter eggs


The Easter Egg Maker lets children create their very own Easter egg designs.

No time to paint Easter eggs with the kids? Or don’t feel like messing around in the immediate handicraft area? Then you can possibly comfort the little ones with an app. The Easter Egg Maker is available free of charge for iOS and Android and increases the anticipation of the Easter Sunday egg hunt. If the children feed the virtual chicken in the app, it will lay an egg that can later be painted and decorated according to your own ideas – without any mess.

Help the Easter Bunny escape

Easter Bunny Run

Easter Bunny Run

Bild: © Apple App Store/Xiangning Xu 2021

Who is responsible for hiding the eggs at Easter? Of course, the Easter Bunny. But he can only do his job reliably if the Easter eggs don’t get him. In the iOS game Easter Bunny Run, kids can help the cute bunny out of trouble and help him escape. The arcade game is controlled by simply moving the mobile device back and forth, a swiping gesture makes the rabbit jump – even the little ones can do it.

Suitable wallpapers for Easter


Easter Wallpapers & Easter Backgrounds offers many cute smartphone backgrounds.

If you really want to get into the Easter spirit, you will of course also need the right wallpaper for your smartphone. There are numerous free apps for both Android and iOS with various sweet, cuddly or spring-like backgrounds for your home screen.

Recipes for the Easter feast

Still no idea what you want to cook for your loved ones at Easter? The Kitchen Stories app could be helpful here. In the application you will not only find thousands of recipes. They are also prepared so clearly with pictures, videos and step-by-step instructions that nothing should go wrong when cooking them. Thanks to the filter function, you will definitely find the right thing for brunch or Easter.

Quick decoration for the banquet table


Decorate everything for Easter at the last minute? With the right app, that’s no problem.

Photo: © Pixabay Alexas / Photos 2017

Anyone who notices shortly before visiting relatives that the banquet table still looks a bit dreary can help themselves with the Deco Ideas app. Numerous creative DIY instructions for handicrafts, decorations and handicrafts not only make the home more beautiful at Easter. In addition, the application provides both iOS and Android users with last-minute gift ideas.

Send Easter greetings

You can use various apps to send sunny greetings to all relatives who are not at home for the annual Easter visit. The Easter bunny will not deliver them personally, but the digital cards will definitely reach the recipient punctually for Easter by email, WhatsApp or Facebook.


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