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Unveiling the 2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller: Elevating Professional Passenger Transport

The 2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller revolutionises the world of professional passenger transport, as it combines comfort with flexibility. This is a vehicle made with specific needs operators in different sectors like hotel and airport cab in mind; it gives an outstanding ride. The E-Traveller offers seating of five to nine seats with top class VIP version where seat configuration is four seats facing each other. Experience the ultimate refinement at the three zone air conditioning system tinted glass roof and more among others.

2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller Interior Innovation

A unique feature in this model is sliding and removable seats, second row shelves and integrated blinds. The company’s Advanced Grip Control with hill descent assist improves its flexibility when negotiating a range of different grip conditions. The batteries are located under the floors thus freeing up space for large interiors that is common in all three variants of E-Travelers. Select either Standard (1.90m) or Long (2.07m), all of which stand at a height of 1.90 meters, enabling entry into many parking areas.

2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller Configurable Capacity

The E-Traveller has the capacity to cater for up to nine passengers or offer the massive 1500 liters luggage spaces that accommodate five passengers. In the case of small groups of two or three individuals, it becomes a massive figure of 4900 litres space for the luggage.

2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller Digital Transformation

However, in terms of design, the E-Traveller is also endowed with the E-design characteristics and brand logo of modern Peugeot models. Also, it is efficient due to the LED headlights, iconic PEUGEOT 3 claw signature, and an optimized buffer for improved safety and aerodynamics.

With heated power steering on an option plus, e-toggle transmission controller modernizes the interior. The standard is equipped with 10 inches of digital instrumentation and a ten inch monitor for audio connection and navigational direction. OK PEUGEOT voice assistant provides a means free operation and control of vital functions.

2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller Advanced Safety and Assistance

E-Traveller is fitted with fatigue warning, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection as well as speed limiter, among other driving assistance systems. Adaptive cruise control is added for further convenience in the latest model.

2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller Impressive Range

The new electric motor having 100 kW (136 hp) maximum power output and torques of 260 Nm powers up the E-Traveller. It comes with two battery options, specifically a 50 kWh model intended for city driving, achieving a distance of approximately 140 miles and a more powerful 75 kWh model that extends the mileage to about 220 miles.

The new vehicle model incorporates a three-level control regenerative braking that is operated using a paddle shift set at the rear of its steering wheel on optimization of range. With its 7.4 kW single-phase onboard charger or an optional 11 kW three-phase charger, the E-Traveller ensures fast and efficient charging independent of any infrastructure availability. Public charging point offering capacity of 100 kW is able to charge from 5% to 80%, which takes only 38 minutes for 50 kWh battery and 45 minutes for 75 kWh battery.

2023 PEUGEOT E-Traveller Cutting-edge Connectivity

With its i-connect system, PEUGEOT provides full connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to give you an enhanced user-friendly communication with your car. Upgrading to PEUGEOT i-Connect® Advanced improves the overall experience with TomTom live connected navigation via wireless updates. The wireless connection with Apple CarPlay and Android allow users’ smartphones to show content on the main display even without direct connecting to it. Additionally, there is a wireless smart phone charger on the central console.

User-Friendly Features

For E-Traveller users, remote activation or scheduling of thermal preconditioning and checking, planning, activating, or delaying battery charging can be effortlessly managed.

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