Ukraine’s win ‘makes me incredibly proud’

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the singer talks about his “incredible experience”, but also admits that he is disappointed. He also raves about the “great people” from Kalush Orchestra and is looking forward to his tour, which will take him to Hamburg on May 16th, with great anticipation. Berlin (May 17), Dresden (May 18), Cologne (May 19), Nuremberg (May 20), Stuttgart (May 30) and Munich (May 31) will follow.

How did you experience the Eurovision Song Contest? How was it for you as an artist to be part of it?

Malik Harris: It was a huge honor and a great pleasure. I actually immersed myself in a completely different, crazy world right after winning the preliminary round, got to know great new artists and made many new friends from all over the world in them. I’ve met incredibly passionate fans in places I’ve never been before. I was allowed to play my music on shows all over Europe and represent my country with my song on the biggest stage in the world. It was all an incredible experience that I am very proud of and enjoyed to the fullest. I am incredibly happy to have been there and to have had this great experience.

How big is the disappointment because of your placement and how satisfied are you personally with your performance?

Harris: I’m totally happy with my performance. I gave my all and enjoyed every second on this stage in this beautiful setting. Of course I’m disappointed with the result, I won’t deny that. But I’ve also said before that the placement is totally secondary for me because I think the ESC is about completely different things. And the fact that Ukraine won makes me incredibly proud and happy – I think we, as a united Europe, have sent a great and extremely important signal. To have been a small part of it and to have shown my solidarity at my performance makes me all the more proud.

Would you compete at the ESC again?

Harris: I can’t rule it out. This whole trip was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I can’t take that away from me at all. Accordingly, I could imagine it at some point, but for now I want to give priority to other great artists and concentrate on my musical path.

Ukraine won the ESC. Did you party with Kalush Orchestra?

Harris: And how! When their victory was announced, we all almost celebrated together as if we had won – and somehow we as Europe did too. I was allowed to play their song together with Kalush Orchestra a few days before the final and I got to know and love the guys even better – great artists, great people and in my opinion an incredibly great song! I also think that regardless of the political situation, they wouldn’t be an unworthy winner and I’m really happy for them.

What did you do after the event?

Harris: Celebrated, of course. First there were a few interviews and a switch to Barbara Schöneberger, then we all celebrated this huge journey together with my team, my family, my girlfriend and friends, because as I said, despite the result, it was a really great one.

What do you remember in particular? What will you take away from the Eurovision Song Contest?

Harris: Some. I have developed many deep friendships with the other artists, have traveled all over Europe with my music and have found an incredible number of new fans abroad. I just fell totally in love with music all over again and realized again how much I love being a musician, being on stage and sharing my feelings and thoughts with others through my music. And I realized once again how much power music has and how beautifully it manages to connect us all.

What are your future musical plans?

Harris: There are quite a few. In the short term, my absolute priority now is live gaming, which I’ve missed so incredibly during the pandemic. In fact, my tour starts on May 16th in Hamburg – I think you can see from that that I couldn’t wait at all. After that there are a lot of festivals, concerts, support shows and so on and I can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to all of them! Apart from that, I will of course continue to write and release songs (the next one will be coming soon), continue to go my own way and do what I love – and I am incredibly grateful for that.

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