Transporting the refrigerator: lying down or standing up?

Regardless of whether you are moving or buying a new refrigerator – if you want to transport a refrigerator, the question always arises: lying down or better standing? We give you three tips on how to get the device safely from A to B.

1. It is best to have the refrigerator transported

You bought a new refrigerator and now you don’t know how to get it home? You want to move and are not sure how to transport the bulky device properly? A tip: it is best not to try to move the fridge alone. Even with small devices, this can put a lot of strain on your back. Narrow staircases don’t necessarily make things easier either.

When buying new, most retailers offer a delivery service for a small fee. The freezer is then delivered by a freight forwarder. So you don’t have to worry about the transport security. Please note, however, that many freight forwarders only deliver devices to the front door – the refrigerator is still a long way from being in the kitchen. If you do not want to have him brought in for a fee, you should definitely have an energetic second person with you.

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2. Standing transport is best

If you really want to lug around the fridge or freezer without professional assistance, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In principle, a cooling device should always be transported in an upright position. If it is tipped on its side, oil can get into the cooling circuit and, in the worst case, damage the device. Before transport, also remove all individual parts such as glass shelves or drawers from the interior of the refrigerator and defrost it.

The power cord of the device should be securely fastened to the back wall as it can easily become a tripping hazard. For safety, the refrigerator door can be fixed with some adhesive tape. A hand truck and fastening straps are helpful to be able to move the refrigerator while it is standing. When transporting over steps or thresholds, make sure to protect the device from shocks.

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3. Horizontal transport is also possible after a few precautions


Before you put your refrigerator into operation after it has been transported horizontally, the device should be switched off for at least four hours.

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Sometimes it is not possible to transport the refrigerator upright because there is simply no suitable vehicle or the stairwell is too narrow. If the device has to be moved lying down, you should take a few precautions beforehand. During transport, the refrigerator must never lie on its back wall – the sensitive cooling rods can easily be damaged. They should therefore be protected with foam or blankets. When stored on the side walls, however, the risk of damage is much lower.

If the device was transported from A to B on its side, the refrigerator should be switched off for at least four hours after the transport so that the lubricant can run back into the compressor. However, the recommended waiting time can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Only then should you start tidying up.


  • Refrain from transporting the refrigerator alone
  • When making a new purchase, check whether delivery is available at an additional cost
  • If delivery is only to the front door, it is essential that a second person be consulted
  • If possible, refrigerators should only be transported standing up
  • Remove individual parts such as glass shelves or drawers before transport
  • Fasten the power cord securely to the back of the refrigerator and tape the refrigerator door in place
  • A hand truck and straps are recommended for transport while standing
  • If the refrigerator can only be transported lying down, the appliance should not lie on its back
  • Protect cooling rods with foam or blankets
  • When transporting lying down, leave the device switched off for at least four hours

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