TMW – Inter Primavera champion, Baccin: “Chivu’s masterpiece, it will remain. Second team? Not for now”


Reached on the sidelines of the victory ofInter in the final of Spring 1, Dario BaccinNerazzurri Deputy Sports Director, spoke, starting from the satisfaction for the success achieved at Mapei Stadium: “We are very happy – he said to TMW – because this is a group that has worked a lot that, as you say, started without the favors of the prediction. A young team. We decided not to keep many 2002, making sure that only those injured or those with special needs, perhaps a little late in growth, remained with us. Making such a path and reaching the final against Roma, which certainly were more popular and had scored more points in the league, and to win it by fighting for every ball with tooth and nail is a great satisfaction “.

The match ended with many 2004s and some 2005s on the pitch, a sign of peace of mind for tomorrow’s Primavera too?
“Definitely yes, as you know the last two years have been financially difficult for everyone, there have been no investments and we have accelerated growth by bringing under-age children, someone from Under 17 to the Spring and we have laid the foundations for the near future. . For this reason the satisfaction is greater, also because the boys were led in an impeccable way by the coach, Cristian Chivu, who was in his first experience and made a masterpiece “.

And then there are those who are ready to jump, like Casadei and Carboni, can they be part of some negotiations?
“Many ask us these guys because they are good, the goal would be to make them grow and mature with a loan, then if there are special needs that we cannot foresee at the moment, someone could even leave. But at the moment we foresee a growth path still linked to Inter “.


Will Chivu stay at Inter to open a cycle?
“Cristian has given a lot to this team, on the pitch and as a person because he has become a point of reference for the boys. He has won a lot as a footballer, he is one of the heroes of the treble and therefore his voice has an important specific weight. Of course this scudetto is also the result of the past years, with coaches who have passed before Chivu and have created a base of work, he obviously put a lot of him in and was very good. Next year we will continue with Cristian but this was already decided before the semifinal, the result does not affect his stay because we are sure that he is the right coach for the group we plan to create for next season “.

You have won the Scudetto of the star, how much pride do you feel?
“It is a huge goal achieved and for this we applaud the whole youth sector for how it is working”.

Are you considering the opportunity to create a second team?
“It is a very broad discourse, we have thought about it but there are some critical issues. We will see in the future if anything changes and in that case it may be that we will go in that direction. For now, our situation keeps us going like this “.

Is there a future already outlined for young people who have had experiences in Italy and abroad this year, such as Pirola and Oristanio?
“There are many others who have done very well, luckily those who were out have all done very well. They are players who have requests and we will see, calmly we will evaluate. We have now finished all the commitments, this was the last official and we will think about it soon ”.

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