THIS is how AWZ star Ania Niedieck deals with hate online


In “Everything that counts” it has Ania Niediecks Role Isabelle currently not easy. A stalker is after the tough businesswoman. Even if this is only a fictional story, the actress is no stranger to the subject. Because as a public figure she has to struggle with similar situations again and again. In a new episode of the AWZ podcast, she reveals what strategy the 38-year-old has now developed to ban such people from her life.

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Ania Niedieck: “I block constantly and around the clock!”

Ania Niedieck also regularly asks herself the question: where does fan love end and where does stalking begin. In the podcast, the AWZ star talks about it with Tim ruler from “White Ring”. The organization has been dealing with the subject of victim protection for years and would like to help those affected.

Again and again Ania experiences situations in which she no longer feels so comfortable. Especially on the net she has to put up with a lot. But it is precisely in these cases that she has now developed a thick skin and a battle plan. “I’m the bad guy at AWZ and then I always get a bit of hate on the Internet anyway and then I’m in my space and block,” said the 38-year-old. Ania doesn’t think twice: “I’m constantly blocking, around the clock. I just notice that I’m fine with it. I don’t have to put up with everything.”

The tips that expert Tim can give Ania and all those affected by stalking are available in a new episode of the AWZ podcast.

In the video: Ania Niedieck and Bastian Semm on the current stalking story at AWZ

Help with stalking or violence

Contact points for victims of stalking or violence can be found here.

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