These are the summer hairstyle trends for 2022


Summer is finally just around the corner again – which means that the anticipation of sun, sand under your feet and after-work parties is increasing. The hair must also sit naturally. We present you the 7 hottest hairstyles in summer 2022.

1. Botticelli Waves

The romantic hairstyle trend is based on the painting “Birth of Venus” by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli, who painted this in the early Renaissance. It depicts the Roman goddess Venus in a shell. The super natural, slightly frizzy waves look very feminine and are just wonderful for beach looks.

Styling the fine, closely spaced waves is very easy with a wave iron.

  • Very simply separate the hair and style the individual strands into beautiful waves. After that, comb out your hair and spray it with some salt spray. This makes the waves look particularly natural.
  • If you don’t want to use heat, you can still conjure up Botticelli Waves very easily.
  • To do this, dampen your hair slightly before going to bed and braid it in fine strands. Open the braids the next morning and you have natural waves.

2. Jagger-Crop

This cool hairstyle is reminiscent of the haircut of the musician Mick Jagger and is particularly suitable for people who have naturally curly hair. The androgynous and at the same time feminine retro hair styling is characterized by irregular, fringed curls that fall very softly around the face. Since the hair should look very natural with this trend hairstyle, not much styling is necessary. A little curl spray is all you need to wear the jagger crop.

3. The 90s slice hairstyle

In summer we often want to wear our hair a little lighter. However, if you don’t want to bleach your entire mane straight away, then this is it 90s-Slice-Frisur maybe just right for you. Here only the front strands of hair are dyed one to two shades lighter than the rest of the hair. so that they wrap around the face like a cool frame.

If you would like a stronger lightening, you can have a few more strands set at your trusted hairdresser. However, avoid excessive color deviations in the highlights compared to the rest of the hair, because the 90s slice is all about a natural look. As with balayage, the hair should look sun-kissed.

4. XXL-Hair

After belt chains, corsage tops and low-waist pants, another trend of the 2000s is back! Long and, above all, voluminous hair are all the rage again this summer. Of course, for those who don’t already have long hair, growing hair takes time. After all, the tips must be trimmed regularly so that the hair does not split and break off prematurely. It is therefore quicker to achieve this look with extensions. Incidentally, these are also very suitable for filling up the hair volume.

Since professionally made extensions at the hairdresser can cost a few hundred euros, clip-in extensions are a cheaper alternative. Flip-in extensions can also be used to quickly add length and volume to your hair. When buying, however, make sure that it is real hair, as artificial hair can be identified very quickly and therefore often looks anything but beautiful and natural.

5. Braided hairstyles

Models on the catwalks of well-known designers have been seen wearing braids more often lately, and they are also very trendy this summer. The entire hair does not have to be braided in a complex way, it is quite sufficient if you only braid individual strands. In open hair, these set a very nice accent.

6. Bowl-Cut

This hair trend from the 1960s is only for the brave: the bowl cut is back! The short hair is the same length on the front and back of the head and sits on the head like a “hat”. Nevertheless, the short haircut can be styled very creatively and chic with a little hair gel. This is especially the case when the hair is layered. For everyone who would like to wear short hair this summer, the bowl cut is definitely a very good choice.

7. Sleek Center Parting

Of course, the middle parting was never really out of fashion, but in the summer of 2022 it will come in a very sleek version. The hair is combed very tightly to the center parting and then fixed with a styling gel and/or hairspray so that really not a single hair sticks out.

Of course, the look is easiest with tied hair. If you want to wear your hair loose, you can also “fix” it behind your ears with two hair clips.

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