There is no way around the e-car: The next car manufacturer is giving up

The e-car should be petrol and Diesel detach. It is considered trendsetting and environmentally friendly. The doubts of manufacturers and drivers are disappearing – driven by ever higher fuel prices, a environmental bonus in the amount of up to 9,000 euros and other bonuses, which the state lets jump when buying a Stromer. Most car manufacturers have recognized the trend and are betting everything on one card: the e-car. A popular car manufacturer from Japan has now also announced the end of vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The future belongs to the electric car

The new Honda boss Toshihiro Mibe announced that they want to support the government’s goals and retire the combustion engine in 18 years at the latest. The end for petrol and diesel is thus decided. The Japanese news site reports that it should be over in 2040 From there, only electric cars and fuel cell vehicles will roll off the assembly line. Japan has set itself the goal of being CO₂-neutral by 2050. “Although the government’s goal is extremely difficult, I believe it is feasible,” said the Mibe. “As far as Honda is concerned, we fully support this goal.”

A rude awakening for e-car drivers: gasoline and diesel engines have a clear advantage

But the step from the combustion engine to the electric car should take place slowly at Honda. In order to achieve the government’s ambitious goals, Honda intends to continue to focus more on hybrid vehicles. It is pointed out that switching from conventional cars to hybrid vehicles is a realistic solution. But like Toyota, Honda has slept through the e-car hype. But while the Japanese competitor does not yet offer a pure electric car, Honda at least has a small car on offer with the “e”.

Return to diesel and petrol? The dream of an electric car will burst in just a few years

Overslept or slept in?

But like BMW, Toyota and Honda seem to be aware that the world cannot switch to electric cars overnight. Because the switch is with high costs for the motorist tied together. Despite large cash injections, even in this country many cannot afford a new e-car. And the used car market spits out electric vehicles that are just as expensive as they are outdated in terms of technology. So the combustion engine is far from dead. The Japanese car manufacturers in particular know this and are reacting with significantly less actionism than some other manufacturers.

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