The president of Mantua after the attack: I apologize, but I was provoked

“I am sorry for what I did, I committed a stupid thing and I apologize to the whole environment, to the sponsors and to the fans”. The president of Mantua entrusted his reply to the Gazzetta di Mantova after the attack on the referee Bartolini at the end of match 2 with Tezenis and the subsequent 18-month disqualification imposed by the National Sports Judge of the FIP.

“As soon as the match was over – explained Negri to the Mantuan newspaper – I went down from the stands to go and talk to the referees. I introduced myself to them asking who the first referee was but was completely ignored. Feeling mocked, I lost the light of reason. I accompanied them all the way to the locker room tunnel, underlining how our society had been humiliated. At that point, one of the referees gave me a shoulder, I replied that he had been provocative and I kicked him in the shin ”.

Statements that however are not reflected in the images: Negri while inveighing against the referees is fortuitously touched by Enrico Bartoli who is then hit from the back in the leg by the kick launched by the president of the Stings.

Adriano Negri at the Gazzetta di Mantova also confided his grievances regarding the refereeing of match-2: “Seeing the club humiliated in this way hurt me terribly. I have been building this team for 20 years together with sponsors, fans and passionate managers and we have achieved all the results by conquering them on the pitch. The Stings have the right to play their cards with Verona, it was an offense on a personal and sporting level. I know well that all this does not justify my gesture in any way and that I could not take the field, but seeing a similar situation for two consecutive games was not bearable. We will send an official communication to the Fip, I don’t think there was just too low a quality of the refereeing. There have been some surgical whistles and it is not acceptable ”.

Returning to the aggression, Negri concluded: “It was a bad gesture, I lacked the emotional balance necessary to manage stress. I no longer have the coldness of a few years ago for a whole series of factors. Maybe I will no longer be president of the Stings, it is a decision that we will consider carefully later. I feel that I am too emotionally involved ”.

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