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The Power of Trending Keywords: How to Boost Your Content Marketing

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of trending keywords and discover the secrets to supercharging your content marketing strategy? If you’ve been focusing on the most searched keywords and frequently asked questions on Google, it’s time to shift your attention to the fast-paced realm of trending keywords. In this article, we’ll explore the impact of seasonal trends, social media, and timely news on search volumes, and how you can leverage Similarweb’s Keyword Research tool to stay ahead of the game.

Unveiling the World of Trending Keywords

Trending keywords are the underdogs, the hidden gems that can catapult your content to the top. They represent a surge in search volume from one month to another, driven by factors like seasonal changes and breaking news. Let’s take a sneak peek at the numbers and see what searches have been making waves recently.

Top Global Trending Keywords on Google

Here’s a list of the top trending keywords on Google, along with their search volume data for July and August 2023:

No. Search Terms 2023-07 Volume 2023-08 Volume Percentage Increase (%) Traffic Leader
1 aliexpress trending products 30 1,454 4746.67
2 91 2,577 2731.87
3 592 12,978 2092.23
4 lucy letby 263,752 5,761,126 2084.30
5 gunsmith part 1 18,013 372,320 1966.95
6 heart of stone 470,760 9,353,560 1886.91
7 hurricane tracker 149,437 2,175,382 1355.72
8 intranet kdg 470 6,829 1352.98
9 tiffany gomas 167,969 2,367,865 1309.70
10 faustão 76,239 1,029,045 1249.76

(And the list continues with more exciting keywords.)

Now, let’s dive into what we can learn from these top global keyword trends.

trending keywords
trending keywords

What Can We Learn from the Top Global Keyword Trends?

1. The Benefits of Interactive Content

If you’ve been following recent events, you’re probably aware of the impact of storms and hurricanes across the globe. But reporting on these natural disasters is just one side of the story. People today crave more than just text and images; they want interactivity. That’s why keywords like “hurricane tracker” and “hurricane” have become traffic leaders.

These keywords lead to websites offering interactive hurricane tracking maps, allowing users to follow the path of a hurricane in real-time. The lesson here is that interactive and immersive elements boost user engagement. Even if your content isn’t a game, providing something of value in an interactive format can set you apart from the competition.

2. The Era of Entrepreneurs

The trending keywords tell a fascinating story of entrepreneurial aspirations. Phrases like “etsy shop manager,” “ebay seller support,” and “etsy selling fees” have made their mark. People are doing their research before venturing into entrepreneurship, whether it’s selling handmade crafts or second-hand items.

Notably, “aliexpress trending products” has seen an astounding 4746.67% increase in search volume between July and August. This indicates that research drives sales, and staying up-to-date with trending keywords can fuel your retail and ecommerce strategy. Whether you’re selling products or services, trending keywords guide you on what to promote and when to promote it.

3. Who Doesn’t Love Winning?

Mega Millions, one of America’s major jackpot games, is another trend in the keywords. While it may not be in the top 100, it’s a testament to our love for the thrill of winning big. Mega Millions keywords are a reflection of our money-driven society, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

These insights reveal that trending keywords offer a wealth of information that can supercharge your content marketing strategy. They guide you in creating engaging and interactive content, adapting to entrepreneurial trends, and understanding the interests of your audience.

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In conclusion, trending keywords are your gateway to staying relevant and extra visible to your target audience. They provide insights into the ever-evolving landscape of online search, helping you create content that resonates with your audience’s interests and needs. Now, it’s time to harness the power of trending keywords and take your content marketing to new heights.



1. What are trending keywords?

Trending keywords are search terms that experience a significant increase in search volume within a short period. They often reflect current events, seasonal trends, or emerging topics of interest.

2. How can I leverage trending keywords for my content marketing strategy?

You can leverage trending keywords by creating content that is relevant to these keywords. This includes crafting articles, videos, and other content formats that provide valuable information or insights related to the trending topics.

3. Why is interactive content important in content marketing?

Interactive content, such as maps, quizzes, and videos, engages users more effectively than static content. It keeps your audience interested and encourages them to interact with your content, leading to higher engagement and retention.

4. How can trending keywords benefit e-commerce businesses?

Trending keywords offer e-commerce businesses insights into current consumer interests and trends. This information helps businesses tailor their product offerings and marketing strategies to align with what’s currently in demand.

5. What tools can I use to identify trending keywords?

There are several tools available, including Similarweb’s Keyword Research tool, Google Trends, and various SEO software, to help you identify trending keywords. These tools provide data on search volume trends, allowing you to stay ahead in your content marketing efforts.

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