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Thank you all for following the live broadcast of this basketball challenge with us and good evening!

Milan wins, therefore, who overcomes Sassari 91-82 and leads the series to 2-0. Now the semifinal moves to Sardinia, where Dinamo Sassari is forced to win in order not to immediately end their adventure in the semifinals. Milan, which is suffering a lot today, takes risks, goes under, but in the end raises the defensive wall in the last quarter and wins with Rodriguez’s baskets.

91-82 Two out of two to free for Rodriguez


89-82 An incredible series of balls taken and recovered by the two teams as time goes by, in the end foul Sassari

89-82 Two out of two to free for Bilan

89-80 Triple from Rodriguez! Milan extends to +9!

86-80 The additional free is wrong, but Milan rebounds

86-80 Shields basket and +6 Milan 2 ‘from the end! And there is also foul

84-80 One out of two for Bilan from the line

84-79 Shields ‘basket and Milan tries to extend again with just over 2’ from the end. Sassari timeout


82-79 Rodriguez’s basket that stops Sassari’s partial

80-79 Logan’s basket again and Sardinians at -1

80-77 Basket Kruslin and Sassari doesn’t give up!

80-75 Logan’s basket

80-73 Triple from Hall and Milan tries the decisive draw

77-73 Triple by Baldasso himself and +4 Milan!

74-73 Technical foul whistled against Baldasso, strong nervousness on the pitch, technical foul also against Diop

74-73 Bilan’s basket

74-71 Melli’s basket and Milan’s miniallungo. Sassari timeout immediately

72-71 Shields basket

70-71 Bendzius basket

70-69 After more than a minute in the last quarter the two teams are released with Hines and Milan moving forward

68-69 Shields basket and the third quarter ends

66-69 Zero out of two to free for Bilan

66-69 Two out of two for Bilan

66-67 Melli’s basket again

64-67 Two out of two to free for Bendzius

64-65 Melli’s basket, clearly not 100% yet

62-65 Riallunga Sassari with Gentile’s 2 out of 2

62-63 Bendzius basket

62-61 Milan returns with the additional free

61-61 Datome’s basket, now we are really fighting point by point. Also do it now

59-61 Bendzius basket

59-59 Triple by Rodriguez and Milan finds the draw!

56-59 Hall’s basket

54-59 Kruslin’s basket

54-57 Rodriguez’s basket and Milan returns to -3

52-57 Bendzius’ free shot

52-56 Shields technical fact

52-56 Hines basket

50-56 Answers from beyond the Bendzius arch

50-53 Triple by Rodriguez!

47-53 Bilan’s basket and Sassari re-stretches. Milan timeout

47-51 Sassari also unlocks with Burnell’s basket

47-49 Triple from Hall and Milan returns to -2 with two consecutive triples after only one scored in the entire first half!

44-49 Triple by Ricci at the beginning of the second half and Milan tries to break free from beyond the arc!

41-49 Logan’s basket, Milan in black crisis in defense in the last three minutes and we go to rest

41-47 Basket of Datome

39-47 Robinson’s basket, with Milan unable to break free in attack

39-45 Another triple for Sassari, again with Kruslin and +6!

39-42 Hines stops the strip of Sardinians

37-42 Logan’s basket, who has been flying Sassari since he was released

37-40 Triple by Kruslin and Sassari in less than a minute puts a partial 11-2. Milan timeout

37-37 Logan again takes the ball and Bendzius’ basket and Sassari draw!

37-35 Triple by Logan!

37-32 Shields basket

35-32 After almost a match and a half, Logan is released and finds the triple of -3

35-29 Two out of two to free for Bentil

33-29 The usual Bendzius answers from beyond the arc

33-26 And after more than 15 minutes the first triple in Milan arrives with Hall!

30-26 Bilan’s basket and Sardinians who come back under

30-24 Two out of two free for Stefano Gentile and Sassari is released after about 3 minutes

30-22 Milan scores from the field and does it with Shields for the +8 and Sassari timeout

28-22 Two out of two to free for Melli with Sassari in bonus already after 2 minutes of the fourth

26-22 Two out of two to free for Hall

24-22 Basket of Diop

24-20 Two out of two to free for Hall and Milan continues to move the score from the line

22-20 First points of the second quarter are by Diop

22-18 Logan’s crazy foul on the siren and three out of three for Baldasso and end of the first quarter

19-18 Ball accompanied by Stefano Gentile who gives the last ball of the fourth to Olimpia

19-18 Two out of two free for Hall and Milan returns from the line

17-18 Two out of two to free for Biligha

15-18 Triple by Bendzius and first advantage for the guests in the match!

15-15 Two out of two to free for Bilan

15-13 Biligha’s basket and the Messina team returns to score

13-13 Bilan’s basket and complete comeback for Sassari, with Milan making a big mistake in shooting

13-11 Robinson is released and triple of -2 for Sassari!

13-8 Rodriguez’s basket

11-8 The additional free hit

11-7 Burnell’s basket which is also fouled

11-5 Shields’ basket and Milan’s riallunga

9-5 Bentil’s basket after the bad mistakes under the basket a few seconds ago

7-5 Triple by Bendzius and Sardinians who return to the game in a start full of errors on both sides

7-2 Sassari is released with Bilan

7-0 Shields basket, now Milan has found the attack, Sassari in great difficulty and timeout

5-0 Rebound by Hines and basket by Sergio Rodriguez

3-0 Hines’ basket again

1-0 One out of two to free for Hines and a match that unlocks after 72 seconds of play

0-0 First minute with several errors and score that does not unlock

20.42 Teams in the field and ready for the duo ball.

20.40 Milan wants to maintain the unbeaten run in these playoffs and reach Virtus Bologna on 2-0 in the semifinals, while for Sassari the dream is to repeat game-2 of the quarterfinals, when he conquered the Brescia field and started the race towards the semifinals .

20.35 It was the second home victory of the season for Milan against Sassari, after 79-50 in the regular season. The Sardinians, however, won 92-90 at home on the return leg.

20.30 In Sassari, an excellent first half and 17 points from Gerald Robinson were not enough to conquer the field of Milan.

20.25 Olimpia clearly won game-1, winning 88-71 at the Forum, with 16 points from Shavon Shields.

8.15 pm Good evening everyone and welcome to the live Milan-Sassari match, valid as game-2 of the playoff semifinals of Serie A basketball.

Good evening to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the match between Olimpia Milano and Dinamo Sassari, valid as game-2 of the 2022 Serie A playoff semifinals.

It starts again from 88-71 of race-1 for Milan and for Ettore Messina’s boys it starts above all from the second half of the match. It starts again from 50-49 to 2 ‘of the third quarter and from the partial of 21-8 that sent Rodriguez and his teammates flying away, closing the match. For Milan the triples were decisive, with a final percentage of 40.6%, but above all – as in the whole season – the game changed when Datome and his team mates increased the intensity in defense.

For Sassari, on the other hand, we start again from the first 22 minutes at the Forum d’Assago, from that match that remained in balance for a long time, from those 42 points scored in the first two quarters and an attack that was able to stand up to the best defense of the championship. It starts from the excellent performance of Gerald Robinson, from Emantias Bendzius and Miro Bilan, while coach Bucchi knows that it will absolutely need another Logan (0/5 from beyond the arc) if he wants to equalize the series.

The match between Milan and Sassari will start at 20.45. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Credits: Ciamillo

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