the golden couple that Juve does not give up

The two are at the top of Allegri’s wish list: but dealing with Lotito and De Laurentiis is very complicated

Two players at the top of the Bianconeri wish list: Milinkovic Savic and Koulibaly. Both difficult to reach but both possible. Not probable, mind you, but possible. For the one as for the other, however, it is necessary to deal with two hard bones come Lotito e De Laurentiis but the margins are there, narrow but real. For the Serbian midfielder the president of Lazio he is not in words willing to negotiate for less than 80/90 million: a figure obviously impossible for the bianconeri (but not only). The reality is that Milinkovic considers his Lazio experience over and even without wanting to go to the head-on collision he has the firm will to wear a new shirt: Juve works on thisconvinced that by any (probable) divestments of McKennie, Arthur and Rabiot, that little treasure to be reinvested in the Serbian can come out of it, without going over 55 million.

Per Koulibaly (which, as already mentioned, also Barcelona likes) the contract expiring in a year and the current distance between the position of Napoli and that of the player regarding the renewal plays a role. also next season, informing De Laurentiis of his interest: an operation to be carried out immediately cannot go beyond 30/35 million. The evaluations of the case were thus left to the blue number one, his risk of losing the player on a free transfer or the possibility of monetizing as much as possible 12 months after the expiry of the contract. Clearly stay strong Allegri’s pressing to have a central couple made up of De Ligt (who is negotiating the renewal without creating particular apprehension in the Juve environment) and Koulibaly: only if the operation with Napoli proves impracticable the Bianconeri would go to other tracks. For the rest, the Juventus market (incoming) always revolves mainly around the names of Pogba and Di Maria. Again, in these hours, there is nothing in the sense that more has been done. For the definitive yes (or to be ratified) it is only necessary to wait.


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