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the fast food of Sfera, Petagna and Burlon also opens in Naples


After the openings in Milan, Rome and Turin, Healthy Color continues its expansion with new stores in Italy! The colorful healthy fast food of the multi-platinum singer Sfera Ebbastaof the football player Andrea Petagna and the stylist Marcelo Burlonfinally lands in Napoli.

That of Naples is the opening that we have been waiting for the most. We try to raise awareness among our public towards greater attention to their body and organism. With Healthy Color, eating healthy is also synonymous with taste and fun. In a society that is always in a hurry, eating properly is never easy and obvious. Healthy Color was born from the desire to propose a valid alternative in the corner food scenario through a proposal that is as balanced and healthy as possible, but above all good. Taking care of yourself and loving yourself are acts of fundamental importance that also depend on our daily food choices as food is life and energy

Great expectations for the Healthy Color in Naples: it is the largest store in the chain

Great expectation for theinauguration of the Naples store, in Corso Umberto I, 128, scheduled for April 20 at 12:00. The three founders are also expected, who have a particular bond with Napoli, starting with Andrea Petagna who plays in Napoli Calcio.


After Milan, Rome and Turin, Healthy Color expands in the next few weeks in three other cities: Naples, Trento (opening on 13 April in via del Travai 132) and Parma (inauguration scheduled for early May in via Osacca 3c). The Naples store is the largest ever opened by the chain, with several rooms and spaces always hand-drawn by the duo of street artists Motorefisico: colors, geometries and LEDs welcome customers in a unique and futuristic dimension. A visual impact of the stores beyond imagination: a whirlwind of colors welcomes customers as they enter the restaurant.

The healthy and almost totally vegetable menu of Healthy Color

Poke, wok, burger, tartare, insalate, edamame and other specialties make Healthy Color a real healthy fast food, with a wide choice for all tastes.

But it doesn’t stop there: i Beyond Meat burger, 100% vegetable with texture and flavor incredibly equal to real meat: the ideal choice for those who prefer a vegan or vegetarian type of diet. To accompany, i Veggie Nuggets air-fried wheat flour-based are a real explosion of taste.

In addition to in-store and with take away orders directly at the points, it will be possible to experience the Healthy Color experience at home, with the delivery.

In line with what the brand has done since its inception, Healthy Color always pays particular attention to sustainability and theenvironment. Healthy Color means respect not only towards one’s own body but mainly towards the planet. The entire line of packaging branded for delivery and take away is eco-friendly. Even the now iconic Healthy Waterthe Healthy Color water, is packaged in fully recyclable Tetrapak with a high content of plant matter.

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