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The business of the future? Healthy Food. Transform your venue!

Why hug l’Health Food also in your restaurant? According to statistics, one in three Italians is constantly on a diet. And he feels forced to give up the pleasure of the restaurant so as not to frustrate all the effort he puts into following a correct diet.

Perhaps, you will have had the opportunity to notice in your restaurant. Probably having to meet the needs of those who want to lose weight. But you will undoubtedly have also welcomed people with diabetes. Or with cholesterol problems. Or with other pathologies affecting the metabolism. All who find it difficult to choose some dishes from the menu.

To meet these growing needs, and not to risk losing a large chunk of potential customers, the best restaurants today are changing their face. Or rather they change their proposal. To keep up with the times.

Case history of Healthy Food on the premises

In New York, for example, the calories of each dish are indicated on the menus. And a surprising thing happened. Some studies have looked at the comments left by customers. They highlight that the most awarded dishes are those that are tasty, tasty and at the same time with a lower calorie intake. So no to light and tasteless dishes, yes to excellent dishes rich in healthy, low-fat ingredients!

But is it really possible to offer a Healthy menu, without giving up the taste and variety of the Italian gastronomic tradition? In other words, is it possible to offer healthy food in the name of Made in Italy? For example, how to propose a carbonara with Tuorlo. Or Guanciale and Pecorino that help lower cholesterol. And again: a tiramisu with mascarpone that helps you lose weight.

Wellness is tempting? It depends on who cooks

Did you know that over 65% of those who go on a diet to lose weight regain it within three years? Most of them, in fact, aim for rapid weight loss based on deprivation. And it is not based on a balanced system. The term “diet”, on the other hand, derives from the Greek díaita. And it literally means “way of life”. And while weight control remains an essential factor, it is a goal that can be achieved. All this in ways other than a system of exclusive deprivation. Healthy food? Yup! But not deprivation.

Culinary Nutrition for a tasty culture of Wellness

The Culinary Nutrition (in Italian Science of Culinary Nutrition) is the science that studies how the nutrients and their effects in our organism vary according to how the foods are cooked, treated and combined, with the aim of creating a very good cuisine, while examining the taste. and enriching it with Antiaging wellness.

Professionals specialized in Culinary Nutrition learn how to make traditional greedy dishes. With the same ingredients. But with more vitamins and fewer calories. By replacing diets with beautiful, good and also good dishes. Thanks to the training in Culinary Nutrition, even your premises can make a difference on the market!

healthy food

Kitchen Evolution Academy is the first Academy in Europe of Culinary Nutrition and Antiaging Cuisine. By knowing the right combinations in the nutritional field, and not only in taste, you will take an important step forward towards anti-aging cuisine. Thus decreasing the kcal in your customers’ plates. But also increasing the turnover in your drawer. All the recipes conceived and created by Cucina Evolution Academy respect the Italian gastronomic tradition. And they are enriched with vitamins, fiber and antiaging ingredients.

The 7 Pillars of Evolution Kitchen

1. Ingrediants of the highest quality.
2. More&Less. More vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Less calories, fat, sugar and salt.
3. Right Quantities. The nutritional balance is calculated on the basis of the Mediterranean Diet and the guidelines of the World Health Organization.
4. Method preparation, storage and cooking. All to enhance the nutritional qualities of foods. And to ensure that they do not produce harmful substances.
5. Winning combinations. Recipes must match foods as scientific research teaches us.
6. Italian tradition. Here is the ingredient that distinguishes Cucina Evolution from the many anti-aging diets: the love for Italian tradition. Cucina Evolution is the evolution of traditional Italian cuisine. Ours are recipes that preserve the ingredients and tastes of tradition!
7. Variety. We enjoy cooking something different every day. To enrich our table with taste and the whole bouquet of nutrients contained in the various raw materials of our land.

Should we replace the amatriciana with herbal tea?

Actually no! Learn how to add anti-aging wellness to traditional recipes, without upsetting their ingredients and taste. Cucina Evolution Academy has a specific course of study for those who want to open an Antiaging Italian Food venue focused on 4 business areas: RistoDelivery, catering, Antiaging Products and longevity cooking courses.

For other articles by Dr. Chiara Manzi and discover the Culinary Nutrition, who.
healthy food

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