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The 5 best mutuals for freelancers in 2023

If you are a freelancer , you are considered a non-salaried worker (TNS).

You must therefore take care of subscribing to mutual insurance yourself to benefit from health protection and receive reimbursement of your health and well-being costs.

There are a few mutuals offering offers adapted to freelancers. We have therefore compared them to offer you a selection of the best mutual insurance companies for freelancers !

1. GSMC , the best mutual insurance for freelancers

gsmc independant

GSMC offers the best value for money in terms of mutual health insurance for the self-employed.

This mutual, based in the North of France, is a non-profit organization benefiting from almost 80 years of experience in the market. GSMC is committed on a daily basis to guaranteeing its members quality services at a fair price, while maintaining a close relationship.

Beyond its attractive price, GSMC offers an Activ’Santé TNS offer including many services:

  • Madelin law eligible contract ;
  • No waiting period;
  • No upfront costs thanks to third-party payment ;
  • All your refunds in less than 48 hours ;
  • An intuitive online personal space to easily manage all your health expenses;
  • Support for the termination of your current mutual insurance ;
  • Many price advantages thanks to the Carte Blanche Partner network of healthcare professionals ;
  • The Prysme – zero optical offer remains dependent ;
  • Advantageous annual packages (or even fully reimbursed) for alternative medicine :
    • 1 year of Premium sport offered with the MySportRoom application;
    • Dietary and nutritional support ;
    • Support to quit smoking ;
    • Box Morphée for peaceful sleep ;
    • Online Psychologist ;
    • First aid training ;
    • Medical assistance for parents , etc.
  • MédecinDirect teleconsultations;
  • 24 hour support.

2. Wemind, a neo-mutual for freelancers

FireShot Capture 438 Wemind

Wemind is what is called a “neo-mutual”, which was created in July 2016 and which allows freelancers (and more broadly all self-employed people) to have access to the same advantages as employees. Companies, associations and other cooperatives can also call on Wemind to cover their employees.

Wemind is not an insurer strictly speaking: the offers offered have been developed with major insurers and designed specifically for the needs of the self-employed.

However, it is the Wemind teams that provide all the services, which allows access to advantageous contracts from large insurance companies, while maintaining the quality of service and flexibility that a start-up of human is able to provide.

Wemind fully assumes its “neo” status, simplifying membership and management of its offer thanks to the total digitalization of the customer experience, in particular through a member area and a mobile app.

In addition to these coverages on essential expenditure items, we appreciate the little extras:

  • Alternative medicine is reimbursed (50€, 100€ or 200€ per year depending on the formula);
  • Care abroad is reimbursed up to 200%;
  • Pharmacy prescribed and not reimbursed (for example, international vaccines) is reimbursed from €35 for the Base formula to €75 for the Total formula.

Regarding the rates, it is up to you to make a simulation according to your needs, the rates of the mutual Wemind depend on many factors.

3. Stello, the broker specializing in online health insurance

Stello offers TNS

Stello is an online insurance mainly intended for professionals and companies, aiming to be simple, tailor-made and scalable.

Like Wemind, Stello is not an insurer, but rather an online broker specializing in professional insurance: the company therefore acts as an intermediary between insurance and you. It turns out that the use of an insurance broker is full of advantages: his expertise allows him to identify the needs of the insured and to offer him contracts adapted to his activity, all at affordable rates.

Stello has understood that it is out of the question for TNS to do without social security cover adapted to their needs. This is why, since 2021, a special top-of-the-range TNS mutual fund has been set up.

4. Alan, the online insurer offering TNS mutual insurance


Alan is an independent online insurer founded in 2016, making it the first independent insurer in France for 30 years. Alan displays his ambition to revolutionize health and refocuses the insurance offer around the insured.

This time, it is a “real” insurer, approved by the ACPR: the nuance is important for the self-employed, who have the choice between brokers, neo-insurers and traditional insurers to take out their insurance.

With more than 125 million euros raised since its creation, Alan continues its revolution in 2022, and continues to improve its offer and the experience of policyholders with the following means:

  • 100% dematerialized (from subscription to management);
  • Simple and transparent course;
  • A map, “Alan Map” which allows you to find doctors;
  • Access to teleconsultation.

Alan offers mutual insurance for self-employed workers (liberal professions, craftsmen and traders, majority managers of SARLs and managers of EURLs) and micro-entrepreneurs, in addition to an offer for companies.

It is the TNS mutual offered by Alan that interests us here: it is a contract that meets the criteria of the Madelin law. As a reminder, subscribing to a Madelin contract allows you to deduct health insurance contributions from your taxable income, which directly reduces your taxes. This remains anecdotal since many freelancers are in micro-enterprise and cannot benefit from the Madelin law.

5. Otherwise, the collaborative and supportive mutual


The youngest on this list will be the insurer Otherwise , which offers an atypical offer on the mutual health insurance market. It is in fact a collaborative and solidarity insurance, offering a partial repayment of contributions, in the event of overpayment!

Collaborative insurance, how does it work? This is a model pooling the contributions of members, classified by small groups. The aim is to optimize the quality-price ratio of policyholders. You have the possibility of recovering up to 50% of the contributions paid, if they were not used to cover the costs of the insured. A real revolution, the other health supplements operating at a loss.

Otherwise creates “groups of policyholders” with similar profiles, who are rewarded when their insurance expenses are controlled. Otherwise has other arguments:

  • No advance fee (for practitioners practicing third-party payment);
  • Free, secure and confidential access to a teleconsultation device, which allows you to make an appointment for a remote medical consultation.

In addition to freelance health insurance, Otherwise also offers… to insure your pets!

Why subscribe to a freelance mutual?

Since the disappearance of the RSI, freelancers are attached to the general health insurance scheme, in a “self-employed” branch.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that freelancers enjoy health coverage as well endowed as that of employees. If the rate of reimbursement for routine care (consultations with the doctor, medication) is the same for everyone, various other guarantees are less extensive for sick leave , accidents at work and in the event of unemployment . It is ultimately quite logical because the amount of social security contributions paid by freelancers is lower than what the Health Insurance receives from a company that pays for its employees.

It is then that the mutual (or complementary health) intervenes: it makes it possible to cover health expenses not supported by the general system. Often neglected by freelancers, complementary health insurance is nevertheless very important!

Why subscribe to mutual insurance?

Mutual insurance for a freelancer, is it compulsory?

Since 2016, employers have had the obligation to offer their employees the possibility of subscribing to company mutual insurance. However, like all self-employed workers, freelancers have no obligation regarding complementary health insurance.

As a freelancer, you are therefore free to choose. So, should you take out mutual insurance or not?

It is legitimate to ask whether you should take out mutual insurance for TNS , especially if you are not covered, for example by using your spouse’s mutual insurance. Indeed, it is recommended to have a mutual insurance because the latter has many advantages.

Depending on the complementary policy selected, and the level of cover you have chosen, you will facilitate access to care and additional services such as third-party payment (which allows you not to advance medical expenses), but also to various assistance services, or, in the event of hospitalization, access to a single room.

If you have children or a spouse, you can also support them.

Many insurers offer complementary health insurance with offers and adapted rates dedicated to freelancers. Some TNS offers also include a provident section which protects you and your family in the event of sick leave, death, etc.

What criteria for choosing a freelance mutual?

If the world of health coverage is a little foreign to you, you may feel at a loss when it comes to choosing your mutual, the optimal level of guarantee and certain other information to consider.

Here are the criteria on which to base your choice of mutual freelance:

  • The rate and the repayment period: it is still what matters most, right? Being better reimbursed is not enough if you have to wait weeks before being reimbursed!
  • The waiting period: some mutuals do not immediately activate certain guarantees: think about it, especially if you plan to change mutuals, because sometimes you can lose several weeks of cover.
  • Complementary services: many seek to stand out and expand their offers of additional services, which are very useful for TNS: teleconsultation, household help in the event of hospitalization, childcare, etc. Take into account the options offered before choosing your mutual insurance company.
  • The budget: obviously, this is the most important criterion, or at least the one that will determine the final choice of your mutual. Keep in mind a certain sense of proportion: it is better to pay more if you want to be well covered. Paying only a little but having to continue to pay out of pocket is not more judicious.

Among all the offers on the market, has selected for you GSMC, the mutual offering the best freelance mutual offer on the market. Take advantage of an exceptional rate on your health insurance thanks to our partnership!

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