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The 20 content marketing trends for 2023

In the world of content marketing, every year brings something new and innovative. But let’s also not forget the basics, which are often the most effective techniques!

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C’est parti pour les Top 20 Trends to Follow for Successful Content Marketing in 2023.

1. Le contenu est plus que jamais le ROI

No, nothing can replace the contents of its pedestal!

 WARNING: We are not talking about hastily written content here, has no relevance, has no useful information, and is only used to rank the site on keywords! Readers today and tomorrow demand high-quality content. quality . Longer, more educational articles provide specific answers to their questions and meet their needs perfectly.

 But it’s not just Internet users who are demanding more from search engines too! Google becomes more insightful over time. Its algorithms are getting smarter and they are now able to recognize quality !

So in 2023, if you want to please search engines and your audience:

    • bet on more authentic content;
    • Build a strong brand identity by taking a stand in your articles;
    • Become an expert in your field of activity and educate instead of trying to sell at all costs;
    • Respond accurately to potential customers’ requests;
    • Send emotion through writing through storytelling.

tendances content marketing à suivre en 2022

2. L’indispensable SEO

No content marketing strategy will work without SEO, and marketers understand this, as SEO remains the most popular lever in online marketing.

Three investment areas that prioritize effective natural references are:

  • strategic keywords;
  • La localisation des contenus ;
  • L’optimisation pour mobiles.

With more than half of all traffic coming from organic searches, mastering SEO techniques in 2023 will be essential if you want to see your business rank high in search results.

For your SEO content, visit the SEO editor on for text for blog posts or product sheets optimized for natural citations.

3. Des contenus toujours plus longs

SEO has been on the rise for years, and we just saw it won’t stop in 2023!

Mechanically, this results in longer content. In recent months, the use of score-providing SEO tools such as Yourtext.Guru or SEMJI has resulted in a spike in word counts in web pages and blog posts. Even the product table of an eCommerce website becomes a place where you have to put multiple descriptions in order to convince customers (especially search engines).

So, in 2023, the task will always be more difficult for newbies starting to use natural citations, because writing 2000 or 3000 word essays becomes real if writing is already not an easy task. stunt!

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4. AI watch content creation

You couldn’t miss it: Artificial intelligence has been making headlines in recent months. OpenAI makes AI stand out by opening ChatGPT to the public.ia 2023

If the first test is clearly amazing, the AI ​​will quickly show some weaknesses. Some writing patterns are repetitive, and machines aren’t always able to tackle certain topics in depth.

But compared to previous tools, the technical progress is very obvious. This could be the right year to integrate a conversational chatbot into your customer journey or after sales service!

5. Aim for Featured Snippets and Zero Position

This is the dream position of all, and to achieve it, your content marketing must meet several criteria.

Capture decran 2022 12 20 a 11.34.03In 2023, Google’s main criteria will be more focused on user experience than in previous years. This especially involves setting up basic web signals (Core Web Vitals), which can be summarized as Improved page interactivity, loading speed, and visual stability.

Not only must your content marketing clearly respond to the search intent of internet users, but it must also provide the best possible browsing experience.

6. Reporting and Attribution of Conversions

Reporting and attribution are two strategies you should still be hearing about in 2023.

The report will give you a detailed demographic report on your audience (age profile, place of residence, etc.). As an integral part of a good content marketing strategy, reporting will allow you to better define your targeting, thereby Personalize your content more (your formatting, etc.).

As for the attribution reports, these are detailed analyzes of the customer journey throughout the conversion funnel. In fact, it is critical today to be able to identify which channels bring you convert.

They will allow you to chart a precise route to optimize your marketing efforts and produce more relevant content for your goals.

7. Customer experience is the focus

Optimizing your online presence is no longer enough to attract and retain new customers. The requirements of users are getting higher and higher, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Enterprises must relax while satisfying customer needs. The red carpet throughout the buying process.

Specifically, by 2023, consumers expect brands to provide them with an unparalleled customer experience.

Especially since trends can be profitable for your business. Thanks for a great experience:

  • sustain your business in the long term;
  • Improve customer satisfaction;
  • Increase the number of brand ambassadors;
  • Valorisez votre image de marque ;
  • Booster votre chiffre d’affaires.

So the goal in 2023 is to re-engage people in your marketing communications, and AI and data are very effective tools for this.

One slogan: Rehumanize digital channels with hyper-personalized information and support!

8. Optimization and Personalization of Email Marketing

Despite dire predictions, email is still important, and its death knell should not ring in 2023, quite the contrary!

The content of marketing emails becomes hyper-personalized, more authentic, and more transparent to meet subscriber expectations. The beauty of email marketing is that it can generate an excellent ROI. so you can get everything from Create a unique email experience.

To engage your audience and convince them of your expertise, pay attention to three levers: Segmentation, Personalization, and Automation. However, please be aware of GDPR laws. remember to choose double Opt-in when subscribing to the newsletter!

9. Le marketing d’influence

92% of shoppers trust recommendations from influencers, and the trend is growing.

Many brands are now using influencers to boost sales and are now prioritizing quality over quantity. Choosing the right people to represent your brand image is important via Internet.

influenceur e1605882403783

For an effective content marketing strategy, start by defining your target audience and then choosing the social media platforms on which your audience spends the most time. Then reach out to the influencers who are most reliable and agree with you logo.

Create lots of content together (quiz video contests, etc.) and monitor the results of your campaigns to make sure the investment is profitable.

10. The explosion of user-generated content

Brands have understood for some time that user-generated content is a great tool for promoting themselves to the public.

Whether we’re talking UGC for SEO or content on social networks, your customers are an inexhaustible source of content creation!ugc de Birchbox photo

It must be said that potential customers are often more confident in what a brand’s other customers can tell them than the brand itself. According to a recent marketing survey conducted in the United States, 90% of buyers They are more sensitive to user-generated content than traditional ads.

You should then have a better understanding of why certain brands “leave” their communication “for” their customers by posting content they create on their website or YouTube channel.

11. Social listening is an essential loyalty tool

This is nothing new: social networking is a godsend for companies. Additionally, brands have no intention of neglecting the channel, as 8 out of 10 brands will invest in social media marketing by 2023.

However, there is a bit of a novelty. Methods have changed and companies now rely on one surefire tactic: Social Listening or Social Listening in English!

Many companies have hired account managers to scout social platforms to build direct relationships with the corporate community. The interest lies not only in giving them a voice, but Also listen to their impressions of the brand. Therefore, this strategy will allow to know how to support followers and convert them into loyal defenders of the brand.

So in 2023, be first on Instagram TikTok LinkedIn and don’t forget Facebook Twitter and YouTube…tendances content marketing à suivre en 2022

12. Automation seizes opportunity

If you are still one of the naysayers of marketing automation, here are some arguments that should convince you:

  • Get to know your prospects better through behavioral tracking, which will allow you to deliver more personalized follow-ups;
  • Enhance the personalization of your marketing campaigns by better segmenting prospects and sending content better suited to their profiles and behaviors;
  • Save time for more strategic tasks;
  • Optimize your strategy with lead scoring and lead tracking;
  • Higher ROI (53% of companies using marketing automation have higher conversion rates).

Marketing automation is a great asset to achieve your goals, and the advantage is that it can be used by large companies as well as SMEs!

13. AI chatbots and machine learning…the future is on your website

We’ve already covered AI for content creation. But artificial intelligence is also here in 2023, bringing your website to life!

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will personalize the experience for your customers with more advanced chatbots and more relevant conversational marketing. Its features will direct your future buyers to editorial content Focus on their interests.

Conversations will get better, and technology will help you improve content creation and get the right content to the right people.

So don’t miss the machine learning train in 2023! Big online players have been using AI for a long time, and the technology is starting to become accessible.

14. Interactivity to the next level


Among the next content marketing trends, focus on interactivity. Marketing experts agree that content will change formats and become more interactive.

In an increasingly competitive world, it’s important to fine-tune your strategy to capture consumer interest.

Given that user attention is on the decline, interactive content will help grow your audience while setting you apart from the competition.

For example, you can incorporate the following into your content marketing:

  • Des quiz ;
  • Des infographies interactives ;
  • Des sondages ;
  • Des vidéos immersives ;
  • Des jeux concours ;
  • Un  livre blanc  interactif ;
  • Un calculateur…

15. L’ancrage de la vidéo

Video remains at the heart of enterprise content marketing strategies in 2023. Among the most popular media content, videos lead the way, followed by blog posts and infographics.

The craze for video marketing isn’t going away as media viewing hours are still impressive! It’s still an important tool for communication, if the audience likes the video A few years ago, the long-form video trend is reversing. However, the success of TikTok shows that the short form still has a future.

As for live video, it also marks a trend towards becoming an essential channel in many areas of activity. Advice: Change the video format!

16. The Boon of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Content marketers all agree on one thing: Augmented reality is going to be a powerful traffic-generating windfall.

No more traveling, internet users can now try on their next pair of glasses or imagine their future interior in real time.experience 3D

Augmented reality provides users with a unique experience and evokes a strong sense of belonging by immersing them directly in the brand’s world.

Virtual reality is no exception. Whether in the field of video games or in the professional world, virtual reality is increasingly being used to fully immerse users.

The technology is now available, and many companies allow you to create your own scenarios, regardless of your field of activity.

17. Toujours plus de storytelling

Your customers need to identify with your brand. While the competition is getting tougher, you have to give your customers and potential customers the key to choosing your brand over others.

It is in this sense that setting storytelling is essential. As a reminder, storytelling must help the viewer of the video feel the emotions and identify with the characters. If so, the news will be even better. Remember, the chances of converting will be higher.

Storytelling can create a connection between consumers and brands. Be careful to offer storytelling that aligns with your company’s values. Not to mislead consumers!

18. Le podcast change d’ambitions

To create quality content, many brands should turn to podcasts in 2023.podcast

This audio format is part of a strategy to diversify communication media. The goal is to deliver more personalized content to reach your customers and prospects at different times of the day.

Yes, with the deluge of information, more and more Internet users have turned to audio “out of the basic need to learn intelligently”. this should Further aggravation in 2023!

Don’t hesitate to offer the podcast to your target either, they should appreciate your efforts.

19. Les webinaires

Nothing boosts your content marketing like a webinar: it drives conversions with your audience, and it’s incredibly profitable.

zoom webinar

A webinar not only allows you to convey information and ideas to your target audience, but it is an opportunity to gather a large number of leads through a registration form.

Webinars also allow you to network with different players in your industry. Internet users are very fond of webinars that bring together multiple companies and offer a variety of sessions.

Also read: How to Define a Webinar Strategy for Your Company?

20. ABM handles big accounts

ABM (Account Based Marketing) has been a trend for a few years and 2023 should not see this trend back down!

The benefits of ABM are huge:

  • Un ROI maximisé ;
  • Des KPIs facilement mesurables ;
  • Better collaboration between teams;
  • Une optimisation de vos ressources ;
  • Un parcours d’achat réduit.

Specifically, ABM, or strategic account marketing, aims to capture the attention of high-potential B2B companies.

This technique includes the creation of high-value-added and hyper-personalized content tailored to specific targets.

Don’t think this practice is reserved for large groups: no matter the size of your company, ABM is within reach!

Ultimately, the biggest challenge for ABM is how to target strategic customers. One piece of advice: check your target’s favorite social media!

 À lire aussi : 4 Steps to Creating a Personalized Marketing Campaign Using ABM

Our recommendations for great performance in 2023

As you can see, the content marketing trends for 2023 are essentially based on one axis: content creation and personalization of the customer experience.

In 2023, consumers want to feel unique and confident. Companies that can position themselves in these trends will not benefit from them in the long run. So one last piece of advice: Serve your customers the best of the best content High value-added quality.

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