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The 15 most delicious HEALTHY RESTAURANTS in Milan (map and reviews) – Milan City State

Credits: – ​​Towards Green

Finally we can go back to sharing good food. So why not opt ​​for something that pays particular attention also to our well-being. In fact, we know how important and related it is the link between food and health: whether it’s for a breakfast, a quick snack, a business lunch or a dinner with friends, more and more Milanese choose to eat healthy away from home.

Eating healthy in Milan is much easier than in other Italian cities. In fact, the number of restaurants offering this formula is high, also following the growing demand and the great response among the Milanese. Milan and the Milanese once again demonstrate that they are a step forward, showing particular attention to issues concerning well-being and health, with an eye also to environmental sustainability, taking note of how food choices affect it.

Let’s see which are 15 most curious places in Milan where you can eat from morning to night healthy foodwithout sacrificing taste. Because in addition to being good for your health, these dishes are really delicious and a spectacle of colors for the eyes. And you, do you have any places to eat healthy to recommend?

The 15 most delicious HEALTHY RESTAURANTS in Milan (map and reviews)

# 1 Macha Cafè, with food and drinks made with Japanese green tea with a thousand beneficial properties

Credits: – Macha Café

Macha is a Japanese green tea with a thousand beneficial properties and the Macha Café pursues, with an innovative spirit, the philosophy of healthy and tasty cuisine typical of its origins, creating many drinks and dishes based on this very special tea.


  • Viale Francesco Crispi 15 – Town Hall 8
  • Piazza Gae Aulenti 1 – Town Hall 9
  • Viale Piave 33 – Town Hall 3
  • Corso Di Porta Vittoria 13 – Town Hall 4
  • Viale Col Di Lana 5 – Town Hall 5
  • Via Savona 25 – Town Hall 6

# 2 That’s Vapore, famous for its “baskets” based on vegetables, fish, meat or artisanal pasta

Credits: – That’s Vapore

Already from the name you can perceive how the particularity of this restaurant is the steam cooking, which allows you to keep all the nutrients and vitamins intact, enhancing the flavors of the food. His typical “baskets” based on vegetables, fish, meat or artisanal pasta, in fact, they are rigorously steamed. You can also accompany them with centrifuged and smoothies, each with different properties and benefits, freshly prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables.


• Piazza Meda, 1

• Piazza Vetra, 19

• Magenta Course, 29

• City Life, Piazza Tre Torri, 1 / L

• Piazza Gae Aulenti

• Assago, Via del Bosco Renewed

# 3 Capra e Caboli: specializes in vegan, vegetarian and fish cuisine

Credits: – ​​Goat and Cabbage

Capra e Cavoli is a restaurant specializing in vegan, vegetarian and fish cuisine. The restaurant is located in a loft garden that refers to the idea of ​​a vegetable garden and the dishes are prepared under the eyes of the customers in the open kitchen.

Street address:
Via Pastrengo N.18 – Town Hall 9

# 4 Ghea: inspired by the Mediterranean tradition in a vegan version

Natural vegan cuisine restaurant, the cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean tradition in a vegan version. Dishes made with organic ingredients and local raw materials, at zero km. Ghea Milano’s menu is seasonal, to guarantee the authenticity of the elements. Desserts without ingredients of animal origin, triple A biodynamic wines (Farmers, artisans, artists), raw pasteurized craft beers, organic and non, fresh centrifuged fruit and vegetables, organic coffee.

Street address:
Via Valenza, 5 – Town Hall 6

# 5 embraces the principles of the Mediterranean diet

A place that marries the principles of the Mediterranean diet, to offer fresh, healthy and balanced dishes, and to give those who eat away from home the opportunity to follow a correct and balanced diet. Mediterranean cuisine is a simple and genuine cuisine, making you rediscover the care and taste of conviviality, for the pleasure of being together.

Street address:
Via Federico Confalonieri, 8 – Town Hall 9

# 6 Food up gourmet lovers: seasonality, innovation, high quality products

The menu changes every day, but the base of the ingredients always respects the following rules: seasonality, innovation, high quality of products for real gourmet lovers. The range of proposals is very wide: it ranges from unique dishes based on different rice served with fish or meat, to vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches gourmet to arrive at a proposal beverage which ranges from hot to cold with fruit and vegetable extracts combined ad hoc to optimize the energetic yield and the beneficial properties of the individual ingredients. The take away service is made easier by the packaging which allows you to heat the dishes once you return home or office. The design of the restaurant is directly inspired by the colors and themes of nature to which it winks, in fact eco friendly.

Street address:
Via Brera, 29 – Town Hall 1

# 7 Mantra raw vegan: the first raw vegan restaurant in Milan

Credits: – Mantra raw vegan

It is the first raw vegan restaurant in Milan. The key to reading is well-being, the pleasure of food linked to nature. More than attention to food, raw food is a philosophy of life and a new dietary perspective.

From Mantra Raw Vegan no ingredient is ever cooked at a temperature that could alter its organoleptic characteristics: snacks, chips of vegetables, dried fruit, green, red or chocolate granola, crackers, nachoswalnuts al wasabi, ginger cookies, chocolate cheesecake, tea and herbal teas. The superfood is here ready to be tasted.
Cold-pressed juices deserve a separate note, in order to provide the body with a mix of easily digestible vitamins and mineral salts.

Street address:
Via Panfilo Castaldi, 21 – Town Hall 2

# 8 La Susina, in the Navigli area, a corner dedicated to healthy and veg food

In the Navigli area a corner dedicated to healthy and veg food. Among the smoothies the exotic one stands out: it is freshly prepared only with fresh fruit such as mango, papaya, pineapple. Optionally you can add soy, rice or almond milk or natural supplements such as chia seeds, flax seeds. There is no shortage of centrifuges and extracts; for the lunch break salads, dishes based on cereals and legumes, vegetables. All to be consumed take away or on the spot.

Street address:
Via Giuseppe Lagrange, 15 – Town Hall 6

# 9 Açai sisters, menu based on Brazilian berries rich in antioxidants, fibers and vitamins

Credits: – Açai sisters

Açaí? These are Brazilian berries very rich in antioxidants, fiber and vitamins, considered a superfood for their nutritional properties. The Açaí Sisters menu welcomes you from breakfast to late afternoon and revolves around these super foods capable of condensing extraordinary benefits. To say good morning, a selection of bowls with açaí base accompanied by fresh fruit, granola, seeds and honey. For lunch, or for savory lovers, there is no shortage of canapés with avocado or hummusas well as salad bowls. At all times then there are smoothies with delicious recipes, pressed juices and coffee.

Street address:
Via Gian Carlo Castelbarco, 17 – Town Hall 5

# 10 Fruer, to refuel with a juicer, a smoothie or a quick lunch


When you need a moment of break, here, you can recharge or purify yourself with an excellent centrifuge or a smoothie; you can stop for a quick and healthy lunch by finding salads and cereals to compose with the ingredients you prefer, hearty bagels and lots of fresh fruit.

Street address:
Via Fabio Filzi, 14 – Town Hall 2

#11 Gelato4run

Its particular name reflects an original project. The ice cream parlor combines two passions that have in common the very pleasant feeling of well-being that they leave in you, two experiences that give happiness and well-being: ice cream and running. They are healthy carriers of happiness! Gelato for run is a place for all those people who love ice cream, health, running and sport.

Street address:
Viale Cassiodoro, 20 – Town Hall 8

#12 Flavors, un pret-a-manger healthywith the possibility of take-away and to order at home

Credits: – Flavors

And pret-a-manger healthywith the possibility of take-away and order at home, where eating means satisfying your senses and at the same time taking care of your body and mind, carving out a moment of pleasant relaxation. 80% of the culinary offer is plant-based, while the remaining 20% ​​is made up of recipes that contain fish and white meats. In the dishes prepared, the so-called ones play a central role superfood. These are extraordinary foods for health, anti-aging, with beneficial properties for body and mind.

Street address:
Via Gaetano Giardino, 2 – Town Hall 1

# 13 Ecookingworld: fresh homemade pasta and the legendary Buddah bowls

Credits: – Ecookingworld

In a union that marries sustainable and refined food, where haute cuisine meets well-being. Here you can indeed delight yourself with fresh homemade pasta directly from them, the gourmet burgers or the colorful Buddah bowls, a perfect association between health and taste, as well as a feast for the eyes in their presentations. Furthermore, for those who wish, a chef service is offered, directly at home.

Street address:
Via Giardino Gaetano, 3 – Town Hall 1

# 14 Verso Verde, only “KM Italia” products

Credits: – ​​Towards Green

Bistrot located on the Naviglio Grande in Milan, where the city meets the countryside.
Mediterranean cuisine flanked by a vegan line in a green space where you can stop and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, to rediscover the value of relaxation and health. The restaurant offers only “KM Italia” products. A thoughtful, ecological and moral choice, which in addition to supporting the made in Italy and the excellence of our territory, is also a healthy choice.

Street address:
Towpath Naviglio Grande 150 – Town Hall 5

# 15 Demetra international vegan food: vegan and seasonal cuisine

Credits: – Demetra international vegan food

All the ingredients in this menu are not of animal origin, thus respecting the vegan philosophy. The cyclic nature of food is also respected, carefully choosing each individual product based on its seasonality following the rhythm of nature. In compliance with this philosophy, the consumable and management material is also rigorously biodegradable and recyclable.

Street address:
Via Giulio Uberti 3 – Town Hall 3



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