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That’s it!: 7 signs your friendship is over! – FIT FOR FUN

Is it a friendship for life? If these things are the order of the day for you, you should refrain from thinking…

  1. constant stress
    Are you just arguing, do you feel constantly attacked or did she snap quickly? That’s not a good sign! Differing opinions isn’t a problem at all, but constant fighting is a real drain on your friendship. Try to find out why your girlfriend has been provoking you so lately and what has changed so much between you. If you really care about your friendship, you should definitely seek the conversation. Maybe she feels the same way and you can take a step towards each other again.
  2. Meetings become “obligatory appointments”
    Before every planned meeting, you always feel the impulse to cancel in order to make yourself comfortable alone on the couch. “For the sake of decency” you go there, with the reason: “After all, you have to meet up again.” You don’t have to at all! We spend our free time with friends. If friendly meetings develop into appointments that you “done” and then have a few weeks’ rest, you should think twice about whether that’s really the point.
  3. You have nothing more to say to each other
    This is often the case when you have grown up together. What connected you closely to your girlfriend as a teenager has long since ceased to matter to you. Relationships, new friendships, relocations, job changes and above all time have shaped and changed you. Despite years of childhood friendship, adults can lose the “direct connection” to each other. Either you manage to make a new one, or you should accept that you are now taking a different path.
  4. You have secrets from each other
    Of course, it’s perfectly fine not to tell your girlfriend everything. However, the alarm bells should start ringing if you deliberately withhold things from her that you would have told her without batting an eyelid a few months ago. Ask yourself how the loss of trust could have happened, or if there might be someone in your life you’d rather share your secrets with now.
  5. You wouldn’t miss your girlfriend
    You always have a nice evening together, but if you don’t see each other for a long time, don’t you miss her either? Then you can be sure that you are more like “good acquaintances” who share common interests or hobbies. However, this is by no means a bad thing. Good friends and other nice contacts enrich our everyday life enormously. You don’t always have to aim to build up an intimate friendship with everyone.
  6. You can no longer rely on your girlfriend
    Once your girlfriend has really let you down or betrayed your trust, it’s very difficult to mend that break. Because support, trust and honesty are the things that make a friendship something very special. If you find you just can’t get over the disappointment, break up with your girlfriend and find someone you can really trust.
  7. she is jealous
    Between couples, she is the absolute killer for the relationship. It gets even worse when jealousy dominates your friendship, because it really has no place here. If your girlfriend does not begrudge you other friendships, you have to justify yourself or even have a guilty conscience if you meet without your “best friend”, you should pull the ripcord. Friendships of this kind are not normal as they are based on control, ownership and dependency. Get rid of it – this actually applies to all relationships of this kind!

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