Tech Toys: These 5 tech toys are fun & educational

Technology toys not only provide children with a lot of fun, but also teach them how to use technical devices. It is not uncommon for valuable knowledge to be imparted in the process. We present 5 smart tech toys for boys and girls that are fun and educational.

Zoom through the air with a drone or quadrocopter

Not only adults enjoy exploring the world from a bird’s eye view with drones. Now there is too Drones and quadcopters suitable for children. Children’s aircraft don’t fly as fast, high and far as adult drones and often have simplified controls. Frames around the rotors also ensure that the rotors remain as intact as possible in the event of a crash landing.

Depending on the size, the technology toy is suitable for the children’s room or outdoors. But be careful: Even if the drones are suitable for children and should hardly cause any damage in the hands of children, it is always advisable for an adult to monitor and accompany the little ones during their flight lessons.

Drones & Quadrocopters for Kids
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Video game plumber meets clamping blocks: LEGO Super Mario

For several years, Nintendo has been trying to bring the fun of video games into the real world. With Nintendo Labo the Nintendo Switch is transformed into a multifunctional toy with just a few simple steps and a little cardboard. And also Mario Kart you can not only on the screen, but also at home play in your living room.

In cooperation with LEGO, Nintendo is now also bringing the Mario hopping games into children’s rooms. With LEGO Super Mario Children can build their own imaginative levels and go coin hunting with Mario and Luigi. However, as in the Mario games, obstacles and enemies ensure that running through the worlds is anything but child’s play. Thanks to the many extensions, the fun with these smart toys is practically unlimited.

LEGO Super Mario
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Learning to program with robots in a playful way

The ability to write programs and read code has become very important in today’s world. In schools, children are introduced to coding from an early age. If you want to help your children learn how to program, you can make them happy with a learning robot.

The kids usually have to assemble learning robots themselves after buying them. Even at this stage, the youngsters are given basic knowledge of mechanics and robotics. After assembly, however, the robot is still quite unable to act. Different functions must first be taught to the learning robot through programming. But don’t worry: the kids don’t have to learn a programming language for programming. The coding is visually supported and otherwise child-friendly.

Gravitrax: marble run deluxe

Marble and marble runs have always been a real hit with children. Children just seem to be fascinated when balls, according to the law of gravity, make their way down from an elevated position. The marbles and balls have long since been rolling down ramps from left to right. Modern marble runs like Gravitrax from Ravensburger offer many options when designing the lanes.

In addition to the classic ramps, straights and curves, children can equip their Gravitrax marble run with trampolines, tunnels, carousels, ball catapults and many other elements. The various components can be combined with each other as desired, so the little ones can build all sorts of different routes. The rolling balls are not only beautiful to look at: The technology toy also playfully conveys knowledge about gravity, kinetic energy, friction and more.

Gravitrax Pro Starter-Set Extreme
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Cosmos experiment kits: Discover the world while playing

Experiment sets are a real classic among technology toys. At that time you probably had a chemistry kit yourself, a crystal farm or Tadpole Shrimp. Even today, experiment kits are still a popular choice when it comes to imparting knowledge while playing. Compared to before, however, there is now a much larger selection of subject areas for the experiment kits.

Kosmos is still one of the best-known manufacturers of experiment kits. In addition to classics such as crystal growing and the chemical laboratory, the manufacturer now also covers many other interesting topics. These include robotics, programming, electrical engineering, mechanics and solar technology. Depending on the topic and complexity, the experiment kits are aimed at inquisitive children between the ages of 6 and 14.

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