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Swiftkey application:As Bing finally brings ChaptGPT to iPhone

Microsoft is the most forceful and speedy tech company when it comes to pushing for extensive integrations in the field of AI. Recently, they have incorporated an AI-driven chatbot into their SwiftKey keyboard app, which is now accessible on iOS.

The Swiftkey application encompasses three primary features, which include Search, Chat, and Tone. The first two functionalities allow users to effortlessly browse the internet and chat with Bing for any queries or idle moments at work. The third attribute is an intriguing one as it allows Bing to function as an editor. Allow the bot to modify your text to match a particular style or mood.

rely on Tone, as outlined in the published blog on the Microsoft website, for a variety of everyday purposes. It could be utilized to assist with composing formal work emails or even to improve word selection when learning a new language. Enhance the professionalism or politeness of your language in order to sound more refined.

Microsoft has showcased some innovative features. According to them, the search function can be used to suggest new restaurants to your friends while chatting with them. You can also search for information mid-conversation to confirm your facts or quickly check the weather. You are in the process of creating a plan.

The characteristics can be accessed wherever the updated version of Bing is accessible. However, to use the Tone and Chat functions, you must log in with a Microsoft account that has authorization for the new Bing. Though, anyone can utilize the Search feature without restrictions.

There are three valuable lessons that Apple could take from Microsoft.

It’s not completely unexpected that Apple is not leading the way in AI, however it makes me ponder – what knowledge and skills could Apple acquire from Microsoft? If Tim Cook happens to come across this message, I have a few modest recommendations.

There is no need to make any changes or improvements if something is working perfectly fine.

File Explorer tabs
(Image credit: Sofia Wyciƛlik-Wilson)

The Microsoft File Explorer has remained mostly unchanged for many years because the company got it right from the beginning and decided to stick with a successful formula. Looking back on my education in information technology, from my earliest lessons until high school, navigating through File Explorer was consistently taught as a fundamental skill. No matter what upgrades or latest editions of Windows I received, I always felt secure knowing that File Explorer, which is simple to navigate and requires little to no modifications, would remain familiar and user-friendly.

When I first used a macOS device, I instinctively searched for the file manager as I was used to the Microsoft system. This suggests that Apple could learn from Microsoft’s user interface and not just focus on visual and technical advancements. There are certain aspects that do not require any modification, and while Apple is known for its continuous innovation, it is important to acknowledge the value of consistency.

The design of Microsoft’s peripherals is more logical.

Bottom of a Magic Mouse
(Image credit: Future)

I’m certain you can guess what I’m referring to just by reading the title: the Magic Mouse!

Apple products look great due to a lot of attention and refinement over the years, resulting in a recognizable style. However, at times they prioritize appearance over functionality, which can result in a wireless mouse with a charging port located underneath it. If you have this type of mouse, it can be inconvenient. At the exact moment when you require it, the mouse stops working.

can find one that fits your specific needs. Apple, on the other hand, seems to prioritize aesthetics over practicality. Although the Magic Keyboard is impressive and has an appealing name, Apple does not seem to take into account the diverse range of individuals who will use their products. Some may argue that Microsoft’s peripherals are not as visually pleasing, but they serve their intended purpose and there are options available to suit individual requirements. In contrast, Apple appears to place a higher value on appearance than functionality. I can observe that their main focus is on practicality rather than anything else, and this is highly valued.

reflected in the higher number of Microsoft users compared to Apple.

could benefit from. Apple could gain valuable insights from Microsoft’s approach to peripherals, particularly through their Adaptive Accessories that cater to different user requirements. Their design philosophy fosters inclusivity by adapting to users instead of excluding them. Apple could potentially improve their products by incorporating similar adaptability principles. Apple can learn a lesson from the fact that the accessories are reasonably priced, which is something they have not done well in.

Do not remain idle when it comes to trying out new things.

its own unique approach, rather than just following the crowd. So, instead of being late to the AI party, Apple is taking its time to make sure it offers something truly different and valuable. This modified edition appears somewhat lacking in effort.

Regardless of your opinion on AI, it is undeniable that they will be entering the market later and will have to compete with established chatbots that many individuals have devoted significant time to developing.

Microsoft’s Bing AI has had its ups and downs, despite not being widely available for very long. However, the level of investment put into it is unmatched. Users are familiar with ChatGPT as well as Bing and its newer counterpart, Bard. This allows for the implementation of these tools in various projects by small businesses or for addressing a backlog of chat interactions. There are some companies that Apple is unable to compete with.

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