Study: Tesla drivers are less likely to have accidents

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is the world’s largest provider of telematics services. At a conference organized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an organization founded by car insurers, the US company presented new research results on the driving risk of electric, hybrid and conventional vehicles.

The data used by CMT comes from millions of vehicles with the company’s telematics systems. “Among the most compelling new findings are the comparisons between drivers driving both an electric vehicle and an internal combustion engine vehicle, which allows for a better understanding of risk across vehicle platforms,” ​​explained Ryan McMahon of CMT.

The company highlights the results on Tesla owners who also use another vehicle. They are almost 50 percent less likely to cause an accident with their Tesla than their other vehicles. The analysis registered the opposite effect for people who drive a Porsche and another vehicle. According to the study, Porsche drivers are 55 percent more likely to have an accident with their Porsche than when using their other vehicle.

It is not clear whether the increased risk of accidents among Porsche drivers is solely due to combustion engines. With the Taycan, the Zuffenhausen-based company now also has a very popular electric car on offer. As with the other models, the focus of the sports sedan is on high performance and dynamic driving. CMT did not initially explain whether the evaluation at Porsche was about comparing electric cars and combustion engines or generally about Porsche drivers in cars from other brands. The company plans to release more details about its analysis soon.

E-cars are faster

Due to the fact that, for technical reasons, the full torque is available right from the start, electric cars have particularly lively acceleration. Even entry-level models can be brought up to speed quickly. This has led to concern that the switch to e-mobility could increase accidents, especially among novice drivers. So far, however, this has not happened.

Some people seem to think that fast electric cars are more likely to have accidents than combustion engines more thoughtful and reserved character of many early changers. This could change with the increasing spread of electric vehicles, since people with a penchant for sporty driving who previously preferred combustion engines are also changing the type of drive. However, the popular Tesla models in particular have a lot of horsepower or kW, but drivers of the brand are not considered traffic rowdies or excessively involved in accidents.

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