Students need to know these must-have Windows 11 apps

During your studies, good organization is the be-all and end-all for stress-free learning. We present 13 apps for Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 that students can use to make their everyday life easier and more efficient.

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Die Basics: Word, Excel & PowerPoint


Microsoft Office is a basic tool for every student.

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Without the well-known Office apps from Microsoft, nothing really works during your studies. Whether you want to write a term paper, record an experiment or prepare a lecture – with Word, Excel and PowerPoint you have the perfect tools to shine at uni.

The three Office apps are part of Microsoft 365 and offer a lot of unknown tricks that are worth their weight in gold in everyday student life. For example, did you know that you can also convert audio files into text with Word? The perfect way to log lectures!

PowerPoint also contains various functions that make student life easier: If you are preparing a presentation, the PowerPoint Designer will help, for example, by improving and professionalizing slide layouts in no time at all.

Microsoft 365 & Office
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For communication: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams facilitates communication with fellow students.

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Since the release of Windows 11 Microsoft Teams integral part of the operating system. The app is perfect for coordinating group work during your studies. Make a quick note in the chat, make a video call for more complicated problems, work together on a shared document, create mind maps with the additional MindMeister app – with Microsoft Teams, every project work becomes a success.

MS Teams: Instructions for beginners
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Keep an eye on tasks: To Do, OneNote & Evernote

Home-Office Lockdown

With to-do apps you keep track of your tasks.

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During your studies, do you sometimes find it difficult to keep track of the homework, lectures, appointments and deadlines that are due? Use an app to keep things organized. With Microsoft To Do you can record deadlines, tasks and even shopping lists and share the lists with fellow students, friends or family. above OneNote stay organized thanks to notebooks that can be divided into sections and pages. And if you want to digitize handwritten notes, you should Evernote grasp.

For brainstorming: Microsoft Whiteboard


With Microsoft Whiteboard you capture ideas, drawings, notes and thoughts on a digital canvas during a brainstorming session with your fellow students. Perfect for creative collaboration on a group task. Particularly practical: Microsoft Whiteboard can be integrated directly into Microsoft Teams.

For secure storage: Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s secure cloud storage.

Image: © Microsoft 2017

When studying, a lot of important data accumulates, be it term papers, notes, homework or project plans. Of course, you want to keep or pass on the data as securely as possible – and this is where the right app comes into play. Use OneDrive from Microsoft instead of an insecure storage device like a USB stick. The program saves all important data in the cloud – so the files are preserved even if your device breaks or gets lost. In addition, with OneDrive you can easily share documents with other people and edit them together in real time.

You never stop learning: vocabulary trainer & math training

Language apps learn languages

Thinking outside the box is always worthwhile for your further education. Why not learn an additional language or brush up on math skills? This works much easier with a suitable Windows 11 app. Learning languages ​​can also be done digitally, for example with the Cornelsen vocabulary trainer. The app contains the same vocabulary that you know from the Cornelsen books. Math aces – or those who want to become one – will find what they are looking for at HP Prime Free.

To relax: Relax and Spacewalk

Woman-relax-meditation-smartphone-ocean-sounds-of-nature-app-Africa Studio-AdobeStock_141563674

Take time out during your studies – for example with a meditation app.

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Studying can be very stressful, especially during exam phases. So it’s all the more important that you give yourself some space to breathe a little. Windows 11 apps can help you clear your head.

For example, the Relax Mediation Windows app helps you move on with renewed energy through meditation. Or you can relax with the Starwalk 2 app and take a look which stars, satellites and comets are currently visible above you.

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