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Stop hectic!: 6 tips for a more conscious life – FIT FOR FUN

“What, another week has gone by?” or “where has the time gone?” – if you often ask yourself these questions, you might be one of those people who rush through life without paying attention to themselves. Refocus on your needs. Experience your everyday life more consciously!

With these 6 tips you will find yourself again:

  1. Make your morning a good morning:
    You peel yourself out of the sheets in the morning and – bang – is your head already programmed for work? Before you start going through your to-dos in your mind, return to the here and now! Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in. Take time for your breakfast so that your body is well equipped for the day. Only on the train is it time to get in the mood for work. Then the morning is yours again.
  2. Enojy your meal!
    Let your food melt in your mouth! Unfortunately, we rarely do that. Again and again we stuff something into ourselves on the way to somewhere. What did you have for lunch yesterday? From now on, try to taste the individual ingredients of your meals. Enjoy the tender oatmeal, sweet berries and the mildly sour yoghurt. Consciously enjoying it improves your digestion, you eat fewer calories and really enjoy it – your body will thank you for it.
  3. One after the other:
    We do everything, but not everything right: multitasking wears us down because we have the feeling that we are not really getting any task done. Therefore, ban secondary activities from your closing time. Focus your attention on just one thing: either enjoying your dinner OR watching an episode of your favorite series. Either you write a WhatsApp message OR you are behind the wheel – but that should be obvious anyway!
  4. Let positivity into your life:
    For your loved ones, for your health or a hobby you have come to love – what are you grateful for? Allow positive thoughts and think about the things in your life that you enjoy: The delicious coffee from the bakery that keeps you from the afternoon slump in the office or the fact that you have a roof over your head and no worries about the next meal have and are allowed to live in a peaceful country. We can be thankful for the small and big things in our lives.
  5. Listen to your inner voice:
    Always these time wasters: The parents come to visit and you have to conjure up a great 3-course meal or you have to make something special for your best friend’s birthday. If you forget yourself over all the obligations, your body will remind you of it at some point! Stomach pain, migraines or other stress diseases are warning signs of the body: something is going wrong here! So keep asking yourself: “What do I need right now?”, “Am I fine?”, “What can I do to make myself feel better?”. Listen to your inner voice and prioritize YOUR needs! You can also show your parents your favorite Italian. And your girlfriend will surely be happy about a sauna voucher!
  6. Bring movement into your life:
    You only have one body. So be careful with him! Consciously build a lot of movement into your everyday life. Doing a lap on your favorite running track after work clears your head. Exercising regularly makes you more balanced and resistant to stress. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to sweat it out in the gym every day. A study by the German Sport University in Cologne proves that strength training twice a week for 30 minutes increases performance and satisfaction. And best of all: a better body feeling is included!

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