Stefano Tacconi, new video of his daughter: his hand caresses her

This time to publish an update on the conditions of Stefano Tacconi is his daughter Virginia, 17, who shared a video on her Instagram profile showing her hand caressing and shaking that of her father, who holds it in turn, hospitalized in the hospital of Alexandria from 23 April last.

Since that day when a mild morning headache, signal of a cerebral hemorrhage that would have exploded shortly thereafter, announced the rupture of an aneurysm and the illness accused by Tacconi his situation is progressing.

And these images also show it to the audience of fans and former teammates who are showing him affection and support.

Tacconi’s video posted by his daughter

The images that Virginiadaughter of Stefano and Laura Speranzawanted to publish show a continuous caress, autonomy of movement and therefore confirm the encouraging signs that the last bulletin published last Monday describes, after the more complicated days of illness and the struggle for life that Tacconi he engaged against that hemorrhage.

The latest bulletin on Tacconi’s conditions

The champion of the Juve and the national teamtoday an entrepreneur in the wine sector together with his son Andrea who always kept communications up to date on the health of his father, “has made very important steps forward. If the situation continues like this, in 2-3 days he could leave the resuscitation and be moved to the neurosurgery ward ”, reads the latest bulletin on Monday.

The clinical situation of Stefano Tacconi described by the bulletin, drawn up by Dr. Andrea Blackbeard director of the Neurosurgery Structure of the hospital where the former football player is hospitalized, would be improving:

“The situation is more stable, Stefano Tacconi is still in intensive care, but he certainly has better vigilance. He doesn’t fully respond, but he follows orders. Say hello, move the 4 limbs “, reads the latest update from Alessandria also shared on social networks by the goalkeeper’s son, Andrea, who has always followed and supported him as well as having taken on the burden of keeping fans and acquaintances updated. the estimators on the state of health of the father.

“We are also starting to detach him from the respirator. There is not yet zero risk, but I would say that the message we are giving today is positive. We have taken the right direction and surely there will still be some way to go. Perhaps, however, the most uphill part of it is over ”.

The illness of 23 April 2022: aneurysm and haemorrhage

A gloss that was expected by his family, his wife Laura Speranza and her children who have surrounded him with attention and care since the first signs and that the visit of Virginia testifies.

Tacconi had accused a slight headache that morning, nothing abnormal until the situation worsened in the afternoon of 23 April during a charity event in Asti and the decision to then go to Alessandria, to the emergency room of the hospital where he already arrived in serious conditions and the first treatment was given.

Now the awaited news is about his next transfer to the ward, after weeks in intensive care.


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