Startech tuning for the Tesla Model Y: Surgical interventions on the electric SUV

The Brabus subsidiary brand Startech is expanding its range for Tesla models. Now it’s the turn of the Model Y for a comprehensive makeover.

It’s finally officially launched the production of the Model Y in the new Tesla plant in Grünheide. Some copies have also found their way to us from the other factories of the electric car manufacturer. Consequently, the electric SUV can be seen more and more often in everyday street life. In addition, the demand for individually redesigned cars is increasing, which Startech is trying to cover as the first German refiner.

As is currently the case with e-car tuning, the Brabus subsidiary leaves the technology untouched and only takes care of the optics. For the ModelY the Bottropers offer a front bumper that throws the very no-frills look overboard ex works and instead integrates indicated air intakes. The rear counterpart has a powerful diffuser. So it is only logical that Startech also gave the rear of the Model Y a spoiler lip for the tailgate and a roof wing. The other changes, such as LED rear lights with dynamic turn signals, fog lights and the newly painted door handles and decorative strips, are more subtly integrated into the series aesthetics.

Rims in 20 or 22 inch format

In contrast to the production car, aerodynamic aspects play a subordinate role in the gear train of the Startech Model Y. The tuner envisages its Monoblock M rim model, which appropriately features five Y-double spokes, for the electrician. If you leave it at 20-inch wheels, you get nine wheels at the front and 10.5 inches at the rear, which are fitted with 255/40 R20 and 295/35 R20 tires. As a larger alternative, STARTECH is planning 10×22-inch round tires with 265/30 R22 tires at the front and 285/30 R22 tires at the rear. So that the wheels come into their own, lowering springs can be installed for the twin-engine Model Y variants, which lower the body by around 40 millimeters.

Brabus Group

Inside, the refiner helps the electric SUV with lots of leather and Alcantara.

The interior accessories for the Tesla be. The seats have leather upholstery in red, cognac or white – or in any imaginable color for an extra fee. The steering wheel can be clad in a combination of leather and Alcantara and now has a contrasting color at 12 o’clock. STARTECH also has Alcantara covers available for the headlining, the A, B and C pillars and the sun visors. In the lower area, the tuner adds carpets with the company logo and aluminum pads for the pedals. And if you can’t bear to always have to look towards the central touchscreen just to read the speed, you can order a digital instrument cluster that is placed behind the valance.

Complete package for 19,200 euros

How much does such a comprehensive makeover cost, you ask? We added up the individual items and came up with almost 19,200 euros for customers who book the complete package including the 22-inch wheels.

opinion poll

Cool. The cars urgently need optical finishing touches.

Nonsense. This takes the concept of the car ad absurdum.


Tuner Startech offers a tuning program for the Tesla Model Y that ignores the technology and focuses exclusively on aesthetic refinements. The fact that these are not cheap should hardly surprise anyone.

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