Soundbar up to 200 euros: 7 models under review

A good soundbar up to 200 euros, is that even possible? We asked around and present seven inexpensive soundbars and soundbases in the check.

Peaq PSB 250: The affordable entry-level soundbar


The Peaq soundbar costs less than 100 euros – and is therefore ideal for getting started.

Image: © Peaq 2020

If you want to call a soundbar your own, you don’t necessarily have to dig deep into your pocket – the Peaq’s PSB 250 is the best example of this. It costs less than 100 euros, offers a total output of 30 watts and scores with its discreet appearance. On the connection side, the soundbar is well positioned with HDMI, Aux and optical audio input, and thanks to its compact dimensions, the model also fits very well in front of the TV. Wall mounting is just as easy. Recommended for small to medium-sized premises.

Peaq PSB 250
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Grundig DSB 1000: Compact with 120 watts


The Grundig soundbar delivers Dolby Atmos sound for less than 200 euros.

Image: © SATURN 2022

A compact and discreet design also characterizes the Grundig DSB 1000 off. The system has a maximum output power of 120 watts and numerous connections: HDMI with ARC, USB, AUX, coaxial and an optical audio input are available. Music streaming via Bluetooth is also possible.

Thorough DSB 1000
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Sony HT-S350: Die Soundbar-Subwoofer-Kombo


The Sony soundbar has a total output power of 320 watts.

Image: © SATURN 2022

Die Sony HT-CT290 is a soundbar with wireless subwoofer. The 2.1 soundbar is wall mountable and easy to set up. HDMI ARC is used to connect televisions with just one cable. Alternatively, you can use the optical input. Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth is also possible. You shouldn’t expect miracles of sound in this price segment, but the Sony soundbar has a decent total output power of 320 watts.

Sony HT-S350
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Samsung HW-A430/ZG: With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X


The 2.1 soundbar from Samsung delivers decent performance at an affordable price.

Image: © SATURN 2022

Another recommended soundbar up to 200 euros is the Samsung HW-A430/ZG. The 2-in-1 sound system comes with a wireless subwoofer and Dolby Atmos as well as DTS:X. Although these are still minimal solutions for home cinema acoustics, the Samsung soundbar scores in its price segment with simple setup and a powerful amplifier. The rated power is 270 watts. On the connection side you will find an optical audio digital input and a USB connection. Bluetooth is also on board. However, you have to do without analog audio inputs.

Samsung HW-A430/ZG
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Razer Leviathan: The soundbar for gamers


The Razer Leviathan comes with a large external subwoofer.

Image: © Razer 2018

Of the Razer Leviathan is a gaming-focused soundbar with an external subwoofer that supports virtual 5.1 sound. Bluetooth with NFC and aptX support as well as an optical input and a 3.5 mm jack are offered. I had this soundbar at home myself. The solid workmanship and the gamer look convinced me just as much as the powerful sound. Only the surround mode weakens.

Razer Leviathan
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Creative SB X Katana: Rich sound meets RGB lighting


The Creative SB X Katana is intended for use with the gaming desktop.

Bild: © Creative 2018

The Creative SB X Katana is also a soundbar for the gaming desktop with an external subwoofer. The adjustable RGB bar under the soundbar is unusual. Apart from the missing HDMI input, the variety of connections is generous: microphone input, headset output, 3.5 millimeter jack input, optical input, connection for a USB hard drive and finally the micro USB input for the computer . Many users are satisfied with the powerful sound. If desired, the system can even be made much louder than you would ever want to hear while sitting in front of the computer.

JBL Bar Studio: The right connection for every device


The JBL Bar Studio offers a good variety of connections.

Image: © JBL 2018

The equipment of the JBL Bar Studio for less than 200 euros is impressive: HDMI with audio return channel, an optical digital input, an analogue input, a USB interface and Bluetooth are available. There is no subwoofer for this, the woofers are built into the soundbar. A mode for virtual surround sound is also offered. You shouldn’t expect an overly pronounced deep bass.

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