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The Skoda Octavia is a vital model in the manufacturer’s line-up. Since it first appeared as a hatchback, it’s been the brand’s biggest- dealing auto, appealing to anybody with a keen eye for practicality and value.

Over the times, Skoda has pushed the Octavia steadily upscale, and while that departure from its budget roots might have sounded an adventure at first, it paid off.
The Octavia is now so well regarded that it counts ultra-expensive family buses including the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Class among its rivals. It also competes with further mainstream models similar to the Ford Focus, Seat Leon, Toyota Corolla, and Volkswagen Golf. You might be tempted by the larger Skoda Superb too, as it’s not much more precious.

Skoda Octavia hatchback 2022 rear tracking
Skoda Octavia hatchback 2022 interior dashboard
Skoda Octavia hatchback 2022 interior rear seats
Skoda Octavia hatchback 2022 interior rear seats
Skoda Octavia hatchback 2022 headlight detail

To maintain its upwardly-mobile line, the rearmost Octavia has an advanced suite of motorist tech, as well as plusher innards and a sharper look than ever ahead. As ever, its underpinnings participate with the Golf, but Skoda has increased the distance between the front and hinder axles to add further passenger space.
Four petrol and diesel machines are available, with labors ranging from 109bhp to 148bhp. There are also a couple of mild-mongrels with the DSG automatic gearbox, plus a draw-in mongrel (PHEV) that uses a 201bhp1.4-liter turbo petrol machine plus an electric motor.

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For further a performance-concentrated auto, take a look at the Skoda Octavia vRS hot door, which uses petrol, diesel, or mongrel power and is covered in its separate review.

So, how does the Skoda Octavia mound up? Over the coming many runners we’ll run you through what it’s like to drive, how practical it is, how important it’ll bring you to run, and more. We will also compare it with those family auto rivals and tell you which interpretation we recommend.

Still, do not forget that the free What Auto? New Car Buying service can help you find big abatements on utmost makes and models, including Skoda Octavia deals, If you are ready to buy.

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