Six-year-old electric Golf on the battery test stand: How far can it go?

09. May 2022 | Tobias Stahl

How much battery capacity does Volkswagen's e-Golf have after 6 years and 50,000 kilometers?  A YouTuber has now done the test.

VolkswagenHow much battery capacity does Volkswagen’s e-Golf have after 6 years and 50,000 kilometers? A YouTuber has now done the test.

Batteries in modern electric cars hardly fall below 90 percent in the first six years, and the battery health (SOH = State of Health) is usually even higher, depending on how carefully you handle the battery. But what about a significantly older e-car with old battery technology? How far can an e-Golf get when it’s six years old? The result is surprising – positive!

That Volkswagen’s e-Golf Of course, the fact that it hasn’t been sold as a new car for two years now doesn’t mean that it has disappeared from the streets – quite the opposite: Of the hundreds of thousands of e-Golfs sold, most are probably still on the road. The well-known electric car YouTuber has one of them Bjørn Nyland now carried out for a test drive to check what the battery of the Stromer still has to offer.

Nyland is on the YouTube video platform mostly for its 1.000-Kilometer-Tests famous. The Norwegian may well have decided well in advance against such a test with the e-Golf – with a range of only 231 kilometers ex works, that would have been a test of patience.

The e-Golf, which Nyland is examining for its battery test, was first registered in September 2016, so it is almost six years old. The mileage is limited: the electric car has driven 47,000 kilometers so far. Nyland charged the e-Golf to 100 percent battery level before the test and drove it on Norwegian roads at a moderate average speed of 77 km/h during the test.

The YouTuber does his best to estimate the remaining range and not to stray too far from the next charging point – the e-Golf, as a converted combustion vehicle, is not even able to display the remaining range. Instead, there’s a classic fuel gauge on the instrument panel that shows the battery level.

Nyland’s test is less about the range of the e-Golf and more about finding out how much capacity the battery has lost. After 120 kilometers and with an estimated remaining range of just a few kilometers, Nyland drives to a charging station and recharges the e-Golf. The result: the battery capacity of the e-Golf was quite meager from the start, but it holds it up very well. When new, the e-Golf had a usable battery capacity of 20 kWh – six years and 48,000 kilometers of that is still the case 18.7 kWh usable capacity present. This corresponds to a decrease in battery capacity of 6.5 percent.

What Nyland said about the e-Golf’s interior compared to the ID.3 has to say and what the charging speed of the Stromer is like can be seen in the accompanying video YouTube.

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