Rose Lips: How the Romantic Makeup Trend Works


The models on the catwalks are currently enchanting us with beautiful rosé-colored lips, which look simply irresistible in combination with a rosy and youthful complexion. Because the look is so natural and yet sweet, it’s perfect for romantic summer evenings with loved ones.

Beauty trend for romantics

We’re loving rose lips this summer, and not just because they’re trending right now. They simply fit every occasion and always work seductivewithout looking too artificial. It is therefore very important that you Lipstick to match your skin color select so that the color on the lips is accentuated but not too strong. A trick: You can use two lipsticks to create the perfect shade of pink.

How to do Rose Lips makeup

  1. ​​​​​​Prepare the lips by gently squeezing them with a lip peeling get rid of dead skin cells. This gives a rosier base tone, as the blood circulation in the lips is stimulated.
  2. Now wear one lip primer on, which ensures that the lipstick lasts longer afterwards.
  3. After that you can have one pink lipstick Apply of your choice (depending on the desired intensity or color also multiple coats or two different pink lipsticks use). A lip liner is not necessary, because the overall look should be kept as natural as possible. Painted edges can be easily corrected with a cotton swab.

Then you can colorless lip gloss* Apply to make lips look a little bigger. As an alternative to a lipstick, a lipstick is also suitable rosa Lipgloss.

Matching make-up accents enhance the look

With a Blush in one soft pink, strawberry or coral red the complexion immediately appears fresher and more youthful. Also a pink eyeshadow or eyeliner on the lower lash line can be used here. Make sure that the colors match your skin tone.

The Rose Lips look particularly chic when combined with make-up that sets rosy accents on the face.

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