Qatar 2022 World Cup, FIFA opens proceedings on Ecuador. From Chile: “Italy at the World Cup”

FIFA has officially announced that it has opened a proceeding regarding the Chile-Ecuador clash, a match valid for the South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. In recent days, the Chilean Football Federation announced, with a press release, that it had filed an appeal with ‘global governing body of football for the case of Byron Castillo. The footballer, deployed by Ecuador in various qualifying matches, according to the Chilean accusation would have presented a false birth certificate: not only would he have been born on a different date than the one made known, but he would also have been born in Colombia and not in Ecuador.

Byron Castillo was apparently ineligible to play

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That’s why the answer from FIFA arrives today, with an official statement that you can read at this link and which we will translate in full below.

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The FIFA press release

As recently confirmed by FIFA, the Chilean Football Federation lodged a complaint with the FIFA Disciplinary Commission, in which it presents various accusations regarding the possible falsification of the documents that confer Ecuadorian nationality on the player Byron David Castillo Segura, as well as any failure to comply by of said player of the call-up criteria to participate with the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) national team in eight qualifying matches, corresponding to the preliminary phase of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In light of the above, FIFA has decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings in relation to the possible violation by Byron David Castillo Segura of the call-up criteria for the matches indicated. In this context, the FEF and the Peruvian Football Association have been invited to present their positions before the FIFA Disciplinary Commission. Further details will be provided below”.

From Chile: Italy and not Chile at the World Cup instead of Ecuador

In South America this case is continuing to hold the ground. Ecuador had finished fourth in the qualification path, thus obtaining the last of the four direct places that belong to the South Americans. Chile is demanding that Ecuador be deprived of the results of the eight qualifying matches in which Castillo played, automatically giving the opponents three points for each game. If the disciplinary commission were to agree with the accusation, Chile would qualify for the 2022 World Cup against Ecuador.

The situation, however, is not so automatic and from Chile itself a hypothesis arises that could interest Italy. If FIFA directly excludes Ecuador, with a direct expulsion of the team, the vacated place would have to be reassigned according to the ranking criterion. At that point, the sixth place in the FIFA ranking made Mancini’s Azzurri the best national team not qualified for the World Cup; and therefore the first team to fish out. Which is why the colleagues of TV Azteca Deportesfrom their point of view, they sound the alarm for them.

Italy really at the World Cup?

The odds beyond all seem very low. It is true that according to the regulations it is possible to get expelled, but this kind of practice, if confirmed, risks more than anything else for Ecuador to lead to fines or possible penalties on the next World Cup qualifiers. In any case, “never say never”, especially considering that FIFA has in the event of exclusions in its regulation a total discretion on the repechage issuewith Article 6 which reads as follows: “If any association withdraws or is excluded from the competition, FIFA will decide on the matter in its sole discretion and will take any action it deems necessary.“.

So let’s see what the official FIFA procedure will lead to. Which to date has become real and therefore actually turns into news to follow after the many weeks of suggestions.

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