PS4 racing game with split screen: 8 racers for joint sessions

In the days of the PlayStation 2, split-screen racers were plentiful. On the PS4, however, racing games that support split-screen multiplayer appear to be almost extinct. We went on a search – and still found eight good PS4 racing games with split screen.

The pure adrenaline kick

Are you looking for new challenges and the ultimate kick? The current SATURN theme week The pure adrenaline kick is all about speed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re gaming or doing sports: With the technical highlights, you’re well equipped for the rush of speed.

1. “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled”

“Crash Team Racing” is one of the most popular fun racers along with “Mario Kart”. 2019 appeared with “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled” Finally a remaster of the PS1 classic from 1999. In addition to improved graphics and additional routes, the racing game now also offers an online multiplayer mode including special events.

A split-screen mode should not be missing for exciting duels on the couch. On a sufficiently large TV, even four players can easily compete against each other in local co-op. In addition to classic races, “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled” also offers various battle modes in which you use power-ups to compete with other players in arenas.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
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  • Release: 20. June 2019
  • developer: Beenox
  • Recommended for: Fun racer fans with a heart for bandicoots

2. “Grand Touring 7”

The “Gran Turismo” series already set standards in terms of realism and graphics on the PS1. With “Grand Touring 7” the latest offshoot for PS4 and PS5 appeared in March 2022. Once again, the game is bursting with realism – with over 400 licensed vehicles, a huge selection of tracks and driving behavior as you would expect from real cars.

While most PS4 racing game developers have eliminated split-screen from their games, Gran Turismo 7 has stayed true to itself. What is special about the split-screen mode is the HUD with many technical details: Useful information about the tank filling, tire wear or ABS is displayed below the game screen.

Grand Touring 7
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  • Release: March 4, 2022
  • developer: Polyphony Digital
  • Recommended for: Simulation fanatic

3. “Hot Wheels Unleashed”

In “Hot Wheels Unleashed” you race with licensed Hot Wheels vehicles over a variety of varied routes. As with the toy variant, loopings, acceleration lanes and various obstacles await you in the game. You shouldn’t expect realistic driving physics from “Hot Wheels Unleashed”, because arcade driving fun is the focus here.

In addition to a route editor and online multiplayer, there is also a local split-screen mode in which you can engage in exciting head-to-head duels with your friends.

Hot Wheels Unleashed
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  • Release: 30. September 2021
  • developer: Milestone
  • Recommended for: Fun racing enthusiasts and collectors of Hot Wheels cars

4. “F1 2021”

For real Formula 1 fans, the official game “F1 2021” not absent from the collection. In the game you can speed down the well-known tracks from the Formula 1 season in the original racing cars. In single player, you can either aim for the stars in story mode or lead your own F1 team to the pinnacle of racing in “My Team” mode.

Those who prefer to compete against opponents made of flesh and blood can let off steam in the many multiplayer modes. A split-screen mode for exciting racing duels on the couch is of course also available.

F1 2021
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  • Release: July 13, 2021
  • developer: Codemasters
  • Recommended for: Hobby Formula 1 Pilots

5. “Team Sonic Racing”

If you prefer Sega’s blue hedgehog to Sony’s wacky bandicoot Crash Bandicoot, then this is it “Team Sonic Racing” the perfect choice for you. The fun racer is at least as much fun as “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled” and also supports up to four players in local split-screen.

Compared to other fun racers, “Team Sonic Racing” has one more special feature: a focus on cooperative gameplay. Of course, you can compete against your friends in the classic 1vs1 split-screen mode. But you can also compete together as a team against computer-controlled opponents. At the end of a race it is not your individual performance that counts, but the complete team performance. So you have to support each other in the races, share power-ups and work together to win the Grand Prix.

Team Sonic Racing
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  • Release: 21. May 2019
  • developer: Sega
  • Recommended for: Sonic fans with petrol in their blood

6. “Wipeout Omega Collection”

Die “Wipeout Omega Collection” includes the remasters of “Wipeout HD” and “Wipeout 2048”. What is special about this racing game series is the setting in the future. Here you don’t hunt with normal racing cars, but with hovering ships that can reach extremely high speeds over futuristic routes.

Similar to “Mario Kart”, the races are made even more interesting with power-ups. But be careful: the ships have a life indicator in “Wipeout”. If this drops to zero, your ship will explode and the race is over. Due to the power-ups and the enormously high speed, the “Wipeout Omega Collection” is a lot of fun in split-screen against friends.

WipEout Omega Collection
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  • Release: 6. June 2017
  • developer: EPOS Game Studios
  • Recommended for: speed junkies

7. “Horizon Chase Turbo”

With its retro style, “Horizon Chase Turbo” is reminiscent of racing games from the 80s and 90s. Grab a hot sled with your partner and race down slopes from all over the world to stylish synthesizer sounds. In combination with the bright neon colors, the 16-bit polygon graphics exude a very special retro charm.

With its simple gameplay, “Horizon Chase Turbo” should also appeal to fans of arcade racers. Before you start, you don’t have to tinker with your car for a long time to achieve perfect driving characteristics. Just pick a runabout with solid characteristics and really step on the gas on the slopes.

  • Release: 15. May 2018
  • developer: Aquiris Game Studio
  • Recommended for: Retro fans and synthesizer lovers

8. “Riptide GP: Renegade”

“Riptide GP: Renegade” shows that racing action does not necessarily have to take place on the street. In the game you use hydro jets to jet through wild waters, canals and sometimes over sections of track where there is no water at all. On the interactive tracks you have to dodge obstacles and perform tricks on jumps to fill up your boost meter. The game has a career mode where you can gain experience and money to upgrade your driver and hydro jet.

But the game is really fun in multiplayer. “Riptide GP: Renegade” is also one of the PS4 racing games with split screen and even up to six players are supported.

  • Release: July 26, 2016
  • developer: Vector Unit
  • Recommended for: “Wave Race” nostalgic with many friends

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