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500 million people worldwide use presentation software. The vast majority of Powerpoint, but a total of 100 different products populate the market. In “So techt Deutschland” Christian Reber reveals how he still wants to be successful with pitch.

If you are preparing a presentation at work, at school or at university, you will most likely use PowerPoint from Microsoft. It is estimated that more than 30 million presentations are created every day using the market leader’s software. Christian Reber wants to change that. The new startup of the serial founder is called Pitch and offers a presentation software of the same name.

Pitch wants to attract attention with a beautiful design.

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Reber has his experience with Microsoft. He once sold his startup Wunderlist for 150 million euros to the company founded by Bill Gates. But he doesn’t want to annoy the top dog with pitch. At least that’s what he says in the ntv podcast “So techt Deutschland”: 500 million people worldwide use presentation software. If he could win even a small part of it, that would already be a success.

To do this, Reber has to assert himself against a lot of competition. There are probably around 100 products on the market. Pitch wants to go where Keynote, Prezi or Google Slides are already.

Example? Apple and Tesla

On average, two hours are spent preparing a presentation in PowerPoint. Reber wants to do it faster and smarter. The world’s most successful companies like Apple and Tesla have “perfected the art of presenting,” claims the founder. Therefore, events of the two companies regularly have millions of viewers.

The long-term goal? With Pitch, Reber wants to build a successful company with “Software as a Service”. These companies offer software that users can easily upgrade for a fee.

So techt Germany

In “So techt Deutschland” the ntv moderators Frauke Holzmeier and Andreas Laukat ask founders, investors, politicians and entrepreneurs how things are with Germany as a technology location. All episodes can be found in the ntv-Appat Audio Now, Apple Podcastsand Spotify. Also at Amazon Music and Google Podcast you will find it.

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