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Cover is out there whether or not working from dwelling, in a studio, or throughout the specified territorial limits. Types of apparatus we cowl – Any make or sort of images or Associated Equipment specified and owned by you – together with Laptops, Computers, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Binoculars, Projectors, iPads and so forth.

Your Photography Insurance consists of:



Accidental Damage

Your tools is insured for any sort of influence harm inflicting it to not work.

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Your tools can be shielded from the chance of theft from your own home and on location.

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Your tools is insured for unintentional loss must you lose an merchandise in an unrecoverable location.

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Unattended Vehicle cowl

Theft from an unattended automobile is insured topic to coverage occasions and limits.


Delegated Account Handler

At Glover & Howe, our service is one in every of key perks to our Insurance. You will obtain a Delegated Account Handler to help you with any queries you might have with us.

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Trips abroad

– If you’re travelling, our insurance coverage coverage does embody journeys abroad. Multiple lengths out there!


We supply our new refer-a-photographer scheme the place you as an current shopper can refer one other photographer to obtain a £25 retail voucher!

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