Peugeot 208 GTi Facelift (2015): Used car test

A lot has happened in the class of small speedsters around 200 hp. Of the Hyundai i20 N just revive this league, Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI counteract this with fresh facelifts. Only from Peugeot unfortunately you don’t hear anything anymore. The focus of the brand is clearly on electric mobility – and no longer on sporty combustion engines. stays in Peugeot 208 GTi secondhand.
Two years ago we presented the French here as a young used car – at the time with mixed feelings. Extremely fun driving behavior, but in detail a few weak points. Now let’s see what’s new after the facelift 208 GTi has done. Basically, there is infinite potential in the light-footed platform.
The detached 208 GTi is still the fastest small car in our Sachsenring hit list. With his 1:41.17 minutes driven in 2018, he even beats the brand new one i20 N almost a second off. It’s 98 hundredths to be exact. The pre-faceliftFiesta loses 1.3 seconds, from Polo Let’s not even talk. Even on the 53 hp more powerful and all-wheel drive Toyota GR Yaris he’s only missing half a second.

Peugeot 208 GTi used: Facelift models are available from around 13,000 euros

Even then it was a sensational performance – and above all a sustainable one. In our test, of course, the sharpened “by Peugeot Sport” with Brembo stoppers, Torsen lock, wider track and ten millimeters lower chassis. At the time, it cost a reasonable 4190 euros more than the normal one GTi and even recently remained well below the 30,000 mark at 28,810 euros. Today the market situation is very complex: pre-facelift models with six-figure mileages are already around 9,000 euros, and those who have been revised 208 wants to pay at least 13,000 euros. Then most of the offers have run around 60,000 kilometers.

The 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport is rarely available. If you spot one: grab it!

Our test car from PeugeotDealer Bebion in Magstadt near Stuttgart is priced in at 16,980 euros, but only has 35,000 kilometers on the clock. When he has one GTi When it comes to the yard, says seller Alexander Knieling, it usually sells in no time. Our photo car in silky matt Ice Silver has found a new home with a curve-hungry owner. Incidentally, the striking textured paint was available for the facelift at an absolutely competitive price. At the time, the matt look cost only 180 euros more than a conventional metallic paint.

We wondered at the time whether such a cheap finish would hold up over the years. After all, matt paints were initially considered extremely diva-like. But: Even after three and a half years, the outer skin looks almost flawless. But the chrome look on the rear bumper with a few efflorescences is displeasing. The 17-inch wheels are called Carbone and are gray here.

Enjoy every ride, no matter how short

The first signs of rust can also be found on the muffler, but the dealer assures us that the material is solid enough. Nothing happens there. Before the exhaust system has to be replaced, the brackets tend to fall off – not exactly desirable either. Anyway, high time to go. A key turn next to that Mini-Volant – and the 1.6 liter growls hoarsely to himself. The shift knob only looks knobbly, feels very good in the hand. The bulges on the front make it easy to grip. The six-speed box still switches cleanly, but the streets are a bit springy. But that was also the case with the factory test cars with four-digit mileage.

On the country road, we are enchanted by the robust sound and the very communicative chassis of the dashing Frenchman. Others call it “bumpy” or “taut”, but that has too negative connotations for us. “Hand-tight” is probably the best way to describe it – and that makes it a perfect match for the direct feedback steering wheel with the high-lying instruments. The innovative arrangement initially had to take a lot of criticism, but problems with it anyway only have drivers who adjust their backrest too sluggishly. Of the Peugeot 208 GTi practically educates you to a correct sitting position – and to having fun on even the shortest journey.

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