Paramount+ comes to Germany: This is what the new streaming service offers

Providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, RTL+, Joyn, the public media libraries and other alternatives are already fighting for viewers. And then in 2022 the free, advertising-financed service Amazon Freevee will start in Germany.

Eric Cartman and SpongeBob on “Mission: Impossible”

Like the competition, Paramount+ also relies on a lot of content that should appear there exclusively. In addition, there are numerous strong brands in the portfolio. In addition to in-house productions, the service offers films and series from the US television networks CBS and Showtime, the broadcaster Comedy Central and the film production company Paramount Pictures.

According to the streaming service, the offer outside the US includes nearly 3,000 episodes of children’s shows, 1,000 episodes of reality formats, 2,500 hours of Paramount+ originals and more than 500 films. This does not even include productions such as series or sitcoms from CBS and Showtime.

The sci-fi series “Halo”, the recently launched “Star Trek: Discovery” spin-off “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” and “Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Childhood” will also be there. There are also popular film series such as “Mission: Impossible” or “Transformers”.

In February, Paramount+ also announced its first German original – the crime/thriller series “Simon Beckett’s The Chemistry of Death”. In the course of this year alone, production is to begin on 50 international originals.

The boys from “South Park,” who have been causing fun and excitement for decades, also have their home on the streaming service. The minds behind the animated series, Trey Parker (52) and Matt Stone (50), are working on a total of 14 “South Park” films for the provider. And new episodes of the series should be available at least until season 30, which is then expected to be shown in 2027.

The publication of numerous Paramount classics is also obvious. The production company’s library also includes, for example, “Titanic”, “Forrest Gump” and “Braveheart” and cult series such as “Star Trek”, “Indiana Jones” and “The Godfather”. In addition, new blockbusters will also be shown in the stream. For example, the horror flick “Scream 5” has already been announced for Great Britain.

Between mountain and sky

The service comes to Germany in cooperation with Sky, as announced in August 2021. Sky Cinema subscribers get free access to Paramount+. Other Sky customers can also book Paramount+. The so-called cinema package from Sky is currently available to new customers with an annual subscription for 25 euros per month. After that, the whole thing costs 37.50 euros per month.

According to media reports, the offer should possibly also be available individually. In the UK, the monthly subscription for Paramount+ will be £6.99 and the annual subscription will be £69.90. In the US, the regular monthly subscription is $9.99 and the year is $99.99. If there is also an individual option in this country and the provider is based on these prices, the subscription will probably be EUR 8.99 or EUR 9.99 per month.

In Great Britain and Ireland, Paramount+ starts on June 22nd. In South Korea, too, it should be ready in June. Many series and film fans therefore hope that the start in Germany, Austria and Switzerland could take place sooner rather than later. So far, the provider has only given the second half of the year as a rough period. A recent Instagram post from Paramount+ also dampens expectations. Because the already mentioned series “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” should be seen in Germany “before the end of the year”. So maybe it could be as early as July or August, but the whole thing sounds more like autumn or winter.

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