Orsato at the center of the controversy

Milan-Atalanta was the most delicate match of the penultimate day of Serie A and for this reason the Rocchi designator had relied on the most experienced and qualified referee, that Daniele Orsato considered n.1 from Can. How did Schio referee the whistle in Milan-Atalanta?

There was no shortage of protests from both sides for his direction, which appeared subdued: in the end, Orsato he will whistle 22 fouls and draw the yellow card 5 times, but the game will get out of hand.

The slow motion of Milan-Atalanta 2-0, Orsato rejected in the report cards of the newspapers

Almost all the newspapers agree in rejecting Orsato’s test Milan-Atalanta. Only the Gazzetta gives him the pass. For the Corriere dello Sport it is even there worst performance ever of the Venetian referee, crushed with a 4.5 in the report card. For Tuttosport, Corriere della Sera and Repubblica he does not deserve more than 5, while La Stampa gives him 5.5.


The slow motion, for Marelli there is a foul on Giroud

To clarify the dubious arbitration episodes in Milan-Atalanta is Luca Marelli. The former referee from Como, a columnist for Dazn, analyzes the first episode of the San Siro match, probably decisive for the Scudetto at Milan.

At 43 ‘, on a ball thrown vertically, Djimsiti intervenes his Giroud: the impression is that the Atalanta defender pushes the Frenchman, just outside the Bergamo area. No reporting from the VAR. Eventually Giroud was booked for protests.

Marelli explains: “There was contact, it is an obvious foul, a low contact that Orsato missed completely. But it is out of the area so the VAR cannot intervene. He could have intervened for red but Giroud is not in control of the ball and the ball does not go towards the goal ».

Leao’s goal at slow motion: did the VAR have to intervene for the foul on Pessina?

The second referee episode of Milan-Atalanta analyzed by Marelli takes place at 56 ‘: Kalulu’s intervention on PessinaAtalanta asks for a foul but Orsato let it go. This is a key moment of the match, because AC Milan scores 1-0 on the development of the action. VAR check: all regular, goal confirmed.

There was contact, but the referee judged it irrelevant. Marelli clarifies: “The action starts from a contact between Pessina and Kalulu: Pessina anticipates, then there is a contact that is not so heavy. You could whistle quietly, but it is never a VAR episode: on the ball recovery there must be a very clear contact and this is not the case “



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