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Optimize your website for search engines

Today, every business must have a website. It increases visibility with the target audience to increase the chances of making online sales. However, to achieve the objectives set, it is important to effectively optimize your website to appear on the first page of search engines, especially Google. Here are some tips for successfully optimizing your website.

Choose an agency to optimize your website

Optimization for search engines, in English SEO (Search Engine Optimization), encompasses all the techniques that improve the position of a website on a search engine . Also called natural referencing, SEO can be divided into two areas. The first concerns the structure and design of the site itself. Indeed, when ranking online platforms, the majority of search engines take into consideration certain criteria such as:

  • page loading time,
  • the tree structure of the site,
  • the ability of the site to adapt to different media.

The second area is all content posted on the site. These can be blog posts, podcasts, videos or any other multimedia content that may be of interest to Internet users. This different information allows search engines to better understand and rank your brand.

However, you should know that the strict rules concerning natural referencing are constantly changing. This is why it is recommended to use the services of a company specialized in the digital marketing sector. As we have been able to understand thanks to a web agency in Tarbes , the use of an expert makes it possible to obtain rapid results in terms of SEO and to quickly optimize a website . These experts have all the skills to help you improve your site. They can help you design the ideal platform or redesign to improve your optimization.

Use the right keywords for your website

As mentioned above, the content of your site is one of the main factors considered by search engines. Concretely, when Internet users make a request, on Google for example, the algorithm is based on the words and expressions of the search to classify the sites providing a relevant answer. This is why keywords are important for SEO . They tell a search engine what the content of your site is about. Therefore, you must choose those that are suitable for your industry. To do this, you can start by doing some keyword research.

In this way, you will be able to define an effective content strategy. To avoid finding yourself in competition with your own platform, you must be careful not to work on the content of several pages at the same time. Take the time to choose a main keyword and secondary expressions for each page, taking into account your target and your activity. Many tools, including Google Analytics , can help you with this task. You can also entrust it to a web agency. These professionals can perform keyword research and help you establish the right strategy to achieve better positioning.

Create a plan of your website and submit it to Google

The sitemap, sitemap in English, is the coded representation of the tree structure of your platform. It shows both Internet users and search engines how to find their way around the site. You can think of the sitemap as a complete map where you show where each page is going and how they are related.

To create a sitemap, it may be a good idea to hire the services of a web developer. This professional masters the various HTML and XML languages. You also have the option of turning to plugins designed by CMS (Content Management System) to make your sitemap.

Once the latter is done, you must submit it to Google for effective optimization. Be aware that only XML sitemaps are accepted by Google. To increase your chances of approval, also consider indexing your domain name through Google Search Console.

Add titles and meta descriptions to your website

Like keywords, titles and meta descriptions are important indicators of your site’s content. Although they don’t have a direct effect on your search engine rankings, they do allow you to create unique and more relevant pages.

This can help search engine crawlers place your pages in the first place to answer a query. Therefore, titles and meta descriptions have a real impact on your site’s click-through rate. Be aware that the majority of Internet users decide to click on a link based on these two pieces of information. That’s why the title and meta description should be interesting and should match the content of the page they describe.

Link your website to social media profiles

In addition to the various elements mentioned above, you must also make sure to link your online platform to your accounts on social networks. This can help you with your SEO, as search engine algorithms use these social signals. Since communication on social media (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram) has become essential, said algorithms consider a site with several social signals to be trustworthy.

Additionally, social media can help improve your SEO by generating backlinks . For example, if your site’s link is linked to the profile of a Facebook account with multiple followers, there’s a greater chance that followers will click on your link. They will then be redirected to your site, which can increase your popularity, but also your SEO ranking.

Install a tracking code on your website

The rules concerning SEO are constantly changing, so it is essential to carry out regular analyzes of your site’s traffic. In this way, you will be able to study the behavior of Internet users who visit the platform. The tracking code allows you to discover how a visitor came across your link, but also to obtain information about your audience . Although there are several software designed specifically for this task, it is best to install a Google Analytics tracking code.

On the one hand, it is a complete and free solution and on the other hand, Google remains the most used search engine in the world. A Google Analytics tracking code will ensure you acquire accurate data. You will be able to find areas for improvement and increase traffic to your site in order to make more sales.

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