Old iPhone: How Apple’s recycling program works

With the Apple Trade In program you can have your old iPhone, Mac or other old device recycled. You often even get money for reusable devices. You should still think carefully before sending your device to Apple for recycling.

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What do I do with my old iPhone?

Apple offers its own service for recycling old electronic devices such as iPhones, tablets or MacBooks. This works online or in any Apple Store. That Apple Trade In Programm However, it has certain pitfalls, which we will inform you about in this guide.

The easiest way is to have your old device recycled at the nearest Apple Store. Bring your old Mac, iPhone, iPad, but also smartphones, desktop computers or notebooks from other manufacturers to the Apple Store near you. The company recycles the devices free of charge.

Trade In: Credit for new purchase


Apple stores accept old iPhones.

Image: © Apple 2015

If you bring an iPhone or other suitable device to an Apple Store or add it to the online purchase of a new Apple device, you will receive an immediate credit for the purchase of a new device thanks to Apple’s Trade-In program. Here are Apple’s guidelines for the value of older iPhones:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: up to 655 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro: up to 580 euros
  • iPhone 12: up to 445 euros
  • iPhone 12 mini: up to 370 euros
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation): Up to 175 euros
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: up to 415 euros
  • iPhone 11 Pro: up to 380 euros
  • iPhone 11: up to 315 euros
  • iPhone XS Max: up to 265 euros
  • iPhone XS : Up to 230 euros
  • iPhone XR: up to 200 euros
  • iPhone X: Up to 170 euros
  • iPhone 8 Plus: up to 145 euros
  • iPhone 8: up to 100 euros
  • iPhone 7 Plus: up to 85 euros
  • iPhone 7: up to 60 euros
  • iPhone 6s Plus: Up to 30 euros

Recycling: Credit without new purchase

However, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new device from Apple to take advantage of the company’s recycling program. You have to be online to do this Provide some information about the device on this website and Apple will send you a pre-paid shipping label – so shipping is free.

You should first delete the data on the devices that you want to recycle at Apple or have released for recycling. If necessary, create a backup copy. Also remove all removable media such as DVDs or memory cards as well as the SIM card of your smartphone.

Nothing for bargain hunters

As far as the amount of credit or monetary value you can expect for your old device, you should scale back your claims. For a MacBook Pro with Retina display in decent condition, you can easily get less than half of the current retail price, eh iDownloadBlog reported. You can get a lot more money for your devices on eBay or another private selling platform.

Then why would you even consider using the Apple program? The manufacturer states the following a notice: “Recycling should be as easy as Apple products.” In short, getting rid of your old device through the Apple Trade In program is usually more convenient and easier than selling it privately. So if money is not so important to you or you want to avoid the hassle of a private sale, Apple’s program offers a quick and easy way to part with an old device. For that you have to compromise on the price you can achieve.



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