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Slightly contoured eyes and/or lips and perfect skin support #nomakeup and natural beauty – here are the best beauty products.

She is a world star. Happy, successful and gorgeous: Alicia Keys, Grammy Award-winning soul and R&B star, style icon and mother of two. She sold millions of records and everyone liked her. In 2016, she faced photographers on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards without makeup. Fully illuminated on the celebrity platter.

A shit storm followed, which swept over her #nomakeup offensive with wild insults.

Women in particular were outraged at how “done” Keys looked without make-up. Yes, nowadays it costs you image points if you, as a woman, take to the streets with your God-given and not necessarily improved by life characteristics such as skin, eyelashes, eyebrows. Especially if you’ve always patched yourself up and ruffled yourself up beforehand.

This is how the #nomakeup trend works

In sports, things are a little different. Women are scourged if they publicly admit to putting on make-up before training in the gym so as not to attract negative attention. It’s a bit reminiscent of the debate about mothers: if they work, they’re bad mothers; if they don’t work, they’re lazy.

Women who go to sports with make-up on are wrong. Women who go to work without makeup – red carpet, MTV Awards, hospital, office – are an impertinence.

So what now? #nomakeup, but only at the gym? Alicia Keys has many successors. Celebrities who are fed up with being shot at by paparazzi at the rubbish bin without make-up on.

  • Jennifer Lopez gave fans an insight into the backstage area of ​​their stage show on Instagram. Completely without makeup. A revelation.
  • Lady Gaga appeared – practically only recognizable to her mother – without recognizable make-up after the death of her best friend. Naked sadness. And she delivered the beauty mantra for her fans: “It doesn’t matter how slim or beautiful you are by other people’s standards. Your best parts are within, and sharing them with your brothers and sisters makes you beautiful. That’s what counts. Positive energy.”

#nomakeup only works with positive energy. Totally without make-up, with wildly growing eyebrows, birthmarks and pigment spots plus a bad mood, you are definitely screwing your mood into a dangerously negative range. That’s zero attractive. Alicia Keys-style #nomakeup definitely involves an inner glow and a visible smile. THIS is the primer for the #nomakeup trend, so to speak. The blur and the foundation. And then it depends on your inner strength, but also on your skin type. Blondes have more fun – but even with a slight red tinge in the hair tone, your face has little contour. Eyebrow styling with shape and color is really helpful. Colored lashes are also great. Otherwise, eyebrow powder and a puff mascara Always good and compatible with #nomakeup: selective concealer, lip gloss, tinted day cream, some bronzer or highlighter. Tantouring for advanced users: setting accents with different self-tanners. Or non-touring: light foundation with highlighter and blush. You’re naturally beautiful like that. #nomakeup.


Anna Proctor/Fit For Fun

Elina, 26: “I don’t have to look extra good when I play sports. I don’t care what others think. With make-up I would also be afraid that it would run or smear”


Anna Proctor/Fit For Fun

Marie, 26: “After work, I go to sports with my makeup on. I go without makeup on the weekends. Then I’m lazy”


Thierry LeGoues/Sony Music

#nomakeup shows stars what they really look like

Instagram is stripping! But the covers are not falling off the bodies of numerous models, actresses and singers in the latest Instagram trend. Rather, the celebrities do without make-up on their faces in their Instagram posts. Next Alicia Keys for example actress Eva Longoria or even supermodels like Bar Refaeli, Heidi Klum such as Cindy Crawford on makeup.

All the well-known and unknown women who unite behind the hashtag #nomakeup don’t want to bend over backwards, but say: We don’t have to improve or beautify ourselves for anyone! In doing so, they demonstrate their self-confidence and encourage all other women to defy the traditional expectations that women have to “try hard” and “pretty up”. The message is that we are also beautiful without make-up. Are we on the way to a new, more natural ideal of beauty? Then the #nomakeup movement would have achieved a lot.

So did Alicia Keys: After her appearance at the MTV Music Awards, the megastar emphasized that she was tired of constantly worrying whether her make-up was right or whether – if she was out without make-up – a photographer was there was photographed. It’s about her music and her true personality – that’s why a photo without make-up now adorns her new album cover.

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