New Hymer mobile home: Tramp S 585 in check

Space is a valuable commodity. That applies to hard-fought living space in the city just as much as it does on our streets. So why not build taller than taller? At Hymer, they have solved this approach in the new Tramp S 585 almost as consistently as resourceful builders have done with maisonette apartments: the sleeping area has been moved upstairs and connected to the living area as openly as possible.


Caddy California oder California Ocean im Abo

Now with a subscription to VW Financial Services: VW California Ocean for a monthly price from 1899 euros. Also available: Caddy California and Grand California 600.

And yet the result was a floor plan with fixed single beds in the rear. A fold-down bed can be booked at the front as an option for 1990 euros. With a length of just over seven meters, it has therefore not become as radically short as in semi-integrated vehicles that have a transverse bed in the rear or even only the pull-down bed above the semi-dinette.

The Tramp S 585 is the shortest of the Hymer Tramp S models

That’s him: The shortest of the four Tramp-S layouts. All others are 30 centimeters longer. In contrast to them, the toilet and shower in the 585 are not separated, but combined in one room via a swiveling wall. This solution enables a more compact design – together with the kitchen. With a maximum width of 97 centimeters in the other layouts, it is already quite small, but in the 585 it is eight centimeters narrower. While this saves space, it feels a bit cramped here due to the limited workspace. In addition, the depth of the lower pantry requires flexibility.

Hymer Tramp S 585
Despite the fold-down bed, the sense of space in the seating area is airy.
One step up leads to the fridge-freezer, which is opposite a narrow wardrobe. And that brings us to the maisonette character: from this second level there are two more steps up to the cozy bed. Since the roof cabinet on the rear wall is optional (350 euros), there’s no risk of a headbutt.
And from up here you have a good view of everything – right down to the cozy L-shaped seating area. Because the Sprinter cockpit is a bit narrower than the Ducato, rotating the front seats with a lot of pushing back and forth is less comfortable.

He has: A backbone from the standard Sprinter chassis. It doesn’t offer a false floor like the more expensive B-Class siblings, but the walkways from the driver’s cab to the kitchen are level and the water tanks are insulated and heated under the floor.

The Truma diesel heater comes as standard, but there is also a compressor refrigerator, which is why at least a second built-on battery (450 euros) should be ordered for more self-sufficiency – the smart battery system with lithium batteries (from 1190 euros) would be even better.

On the other hand, the classic equipment with absorber refrigerator, Truma gas boiler and gas locker for two eleven-kilo bottles costs only 290 euros more. And taller people will be pleased that instead of the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe there is also a bed that is 22 centimeters longer (350 euros).

A lot of money, Mercedes sets the benchmark for the base vehicles

This is how he drives: As sovereign as sprinters drive. The taut yet comfortable suspension setup plays a part in this, as do features such as the crosswind assistant.
For a good feeling, driver and front passenger airbags are also standard. The MBUX multimedia system is available from 1990 euros, the creamy nine-speed automatic converter costs 2790 euros, and the adaptive cruise control costs 1290 euros. A lot of money, yes, but Mercedes still sets the benchmark for the base vehicles.

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