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Natruly, a Spanish food tech and health food start-up, lands in Italy

Founded by two entrepreneurs passionate about sports and nutrition, Niklas Gustafson and Octavio Laguia, with a young team (the average age is 32) and with a strong female and international footprint (70% of the 20 employees are women and 45% foreigners ), Natruly owes its name to the principles that underlie the company’s business.

In fact, Natruly was born from the combination of termini “natural” e “truly“, Natural and sincere, and seeks space in the international scenario of foodtech e dell’healthy food in particular with a proposal aimed at a public attentive to their physical well-being (and sensitive to the health of the planet) through a healthy and correct diet.

It is certainly not the only international startup / scaleup to land in Italy with the label of marketplace of healthy and quality food – the latest in chronological order was the German Hello Fresh – but it does not go unnoticed that, after expanding throughout Europe with online sales, Italy is the first country chosen by Natruly to enter the retail market. To do this, the startup has set up a range of over 40 products including organic, vegan, no added sugars and 100% gluten free products ranging from snacks to chocolates passing through spreads, peanut butter, vegan proteins, soluble oats, grain-free granules and more.

A complete catalog for breakfast or a quick snack, in short, shipped in fully recyclable packaging and which also wants to be a base of ingredients for recipes dedicated to healthy food. To operate in Italy, Natruly has opened a branch (managed by an Italian manager) and is gradually structuring a sales network that now includes the main players in the health sector (including Macrolibrarsi, Sorgente Natura, Numeri Primi, Naturplus , Melaverde Bio) and which will rely on a logistical point of view storage warehouse on the outskirts of Florencein Calenzano.

The choice of the Peninsula as the first market to “attack” with retail is easily explained by a number: 13 thousand, because there are so many orders placed by Italian consumers only in the first half of 2021. The recipe for winning over our local consumers is made of more ingredients, as Gustafson clearly explains, and one of these is the transparency of communication, which translates into packages that show the exact percentage of ingredients that make up the products offered in the catalog or in focusing only on suppliers who comply with standards international quality such as BRC (Global Standard for storage and distribution) and IFS (International Food Standard).

“We work for a world where natural food is not an exception and we do it by constantly aiming for innovation”, continues the co-founder.

By innovation Nutraly means ingredients such as healthy chocolate, created with an original blend of cocoa and chicory root (replacing sugars and sweeteners) that will soon be present in all chocolate-based products. Another product that the startup claims as exclusive is “Cheesy Snack”, Made with crunchy cheese without carbohydrates and sugars, while in development it is one salty snack without cereals, legumes, gluten and refined flours and based on healthy ingredients only.

For 2022 the goal, ambitious also according to those directly involved, is to add to the catalog further 20 references and to take a substantial step forward also in terms of revenues: in Italy the expected turnover should arrive per million euros (compared to 100 thousand euros in 2021) while globally there is talk of a doubling of the turnover from 2 to 4 million euros, also thanks to the launch of the retail business in Germany and France.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore

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